Advice: How to use Instagram Hashtags effectively

    March 09 2016

    Advice: How to use # hashtags to your advantage on Instagram effectively and stylishly. Ever wonder how people "hide" their hashtags so their caption or comment section doesn't look so crazy? We'll show you this hashtag hack that the pros and power Instagram users use. With just a little bit of planning and prepping, it will cut your time in half when using hashtags and will maximize engagement to each and every post that you publish on Instagram.

    Instagram Tip

    Instagram allows up to 30 hashtags for each post, so use as much as you can to boost up engagement. Any comments or captions with more than 30 hashtags will automatically be flagged as spam and will be deleted, so try not to go over or you'll have to do it all over again! Search and discover trending hashtags to capitalize on them for each post.

    Hashtag Hack

    Step A: Shortener SuggestionGo to your Settings on your iphone > General > Keyboards > Text replacement (refer to image 1).
    • Under "Phrase" > type out all the hashtags for that "subject" (create one for each "category or subject" with related hashtags. Make sure to type out the # just like we have it in the photo example (refer to image 2). Under "Shortcut" > make up a specific nickname for this group of hashtags. The more specific, the better -- this will save you your sanity, we promise (refer to image 2). Create multiple groups of hashtags that you frequently use so you can have it all stored and ready to go at a moments notice. For instance: one for food, travel, style, inspiration, etc.
    Instagram hashtag hack on planolyStep B: Planning and Posting

    Type out your captions in Planoly (you can do this either on the web dashboard or mobile app); after you finish typing your caption, hit or tap "enter/return" to do paragraph spacing and type out 8 periods. Yes, periods. Each period should be on a new line by itself. Make sure you save this draft and schedule the post as is (refer to image 3 below).
    instagram hashtag tip on planolyWhen you get your push notification to post to Instagram, paste your comment, then CUT out the period section (you will use this to paste in just a moment). Finish posting your content. You're going to leave yourself the first comment in your comment section for this post by doing these next steps... PASTE the 8 periods that you cut (refer to image 4). Type # and tap on your "hashtag shortener suggestion" that is suited for this post, finish posting this "comment" (refer to image 5). After you post the comment, it should look like this: [...] (refer to image 6). It's all in there, don't worry. It hides all your hashtags and gives it a clean look and feel. You can view all the hashtags by tapping on [...].
    instagram hashtag tip on planoly See images for step by step visual tutorial. Let us know how it worked for you and spread the love by sharing this hashtag hack for Instagram! SHARE THIS POST (direct link):

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