How to create an appealing Instagram flow and why it's important

    October 23 2015

    How to create an appealing Instagram flow and why it's important

    October 23 2015  |  Best Practices


    Love your feed!

    How does your Instagram feed look? How does it flow? Does it inspire you or others? When a new potential follower taps on your Instagram profile for the first time, like it or not... but they're probably judging your account by the look of your feed. This could effect their decision to follow you or not. For us, we only follow accounts that inspire us. Let's face it, there's 400 million Instagram accounts out there in the world... it's impossible to follow everyone, so users are getting more picky about who they follow. The look of your profile feed is the first impression you're giving to your new potential followers. What does your Instagram profile feed say about you or your brand? In this day and age, people are using their Instagram as their visual resume and portfolio. Brands are using Instagram as their story/mood boards. Brands and businesses also have the power to create impactful marketing campaigns right on their Instagram accounts as well as partnering up with other power Instagrammers or influencers. Keep your color story consistent so each image can flow and transition to the next photo nicely. Don't post too many of the same type of photos on top of each other. This could be visually unpleasing. What is the bane of your existence? For us, we can't stand food photos right on top of each other, or too many of the same type of images next to each other. We like to space them out so it doesn't look cluttered or off-putting! You can do that seamlessly on @planoly! That's why we created Planoly in the first place ;)


    If you are a food blogger or your Instagram is dedicated to food: style your food posts in different ways so that it doesn't look all the same. Break them up and arrange them so it has a nice flow. If you're a fashion blogger: break up your "from where I stand" photos and outfit photos by adding detail shots of your accessories of the day. If you're a brand: don't post too many product images together. Make it more personal and authentic by adding in behind the scenes and daily work snap shots. Your followers are interested in seeing your everyday life. Make them fall in love with you AND your brand.


    • Be creative with your photography styles and layouts so each image is beautiful and unique on it's own, when it's next to each other, or on top of each other.
    • Utilize @planoly's GRID VIEW to upload your content, then drag and drop to design the look of your feed.
    • View each row of 3, 6, and 9 images as mini campaigns or story boards.
    • Try your best to stick to the same color tone for your photos. Whether it's cool tones, warm tones, a colorful palette, or monochromatic, keep it consistent.


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