Instagram is Bringing Your DMs to the Web

    January 15 2020

    Following a lengthy wait and plenty of longing requests, Instagram is finally bringing Direct Messages (DMs) to the web.The company announced today that it is currently rolling out the ability to send DMs on desktop. As of result, a small number of their global users will have access to DMs via the Instagram website.In addition to sending DMs on desktop, this new update will include the ability to create new groups and manage existing chats. You'll be able to start a chat with someone directly through the DM screen or by visiting their profile page. Other critical updates include double-clicking to like a message, sharing high-res images from desktop, and receiving desktop DM notifications if you choose to enable those notifications in your settings.This update strategically coincides with what Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has envisioned since acquiring Instagram in 2012. He sees the global shift of increased social media messaging and decreased mobile texting as a critical turning point in modern-day human interaction."By far,the three fastest-growing areas of online communication are private messaging, groups and Stories," Zuckerberg told the New York Times back in April. In recent times, Zuckerberg has prioritized messaging functionality on Instagram as well as Facebook. As he sees it, it's the key to both decoding and forecasting how we'll communicate in the future.Today's announcement is likely just the beginning of a much larger web rollout at a later time. Soon, it's expected that all Instagram users will be able to send DMs on desktop. Here are some of our biggest takeaways from today's announcement:

    • Sending Instagram DMs on the web even if you don't have a Facebook account
    • Creating new group chats and managing existing chats on your desktop
    • Sharing high-res images via DM on your desktop
    • View your total number of unread DMs from web
    • Keep in touch with your friends, followers, business contacts from your desktop

    Last year, Zuckerberg also made waves by suggesting that at some point soon, he'd like to allow Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp users to all message each other, no matter if they're registered users on all platforms. Perhaps starting with web DMs is a step in that direction.Connectivity serves as the main course for Instagram's new web Direct Messaging functionality. Accessibility to all Facebook products through any channel is the endgame for Zuckerberg. And as he gets closer to that ultimate goal, things will continue to feel seamless for users.Source: The Verge

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