Instagram Announces Three New Shopping Features

    November 20 2018

    The holidays are fast approaching, and Instagram has unveiled not one, but three new features to make shopping even easier this season! These exciting updates include a new shop tab for Instagram business pages that redirects users to shoppable items that the company has included on their grid, a collection tab that allows you to save products that have been tagged in Stories or posts, and the capability to shop products from videos. These features are small but mighty; allowing users to have more versatile shopping options within the app. We'll give more details about these updates below.

    Shop Tab for Instagram Business Pages

    With the continual rise of influencer marketing, Instagram is becoming a shopping destination for users and consumers. This new update gives brands and businesses the opportunity to add a 'Shop' tab directly on their Instagram page. Users can simply tap on the 'Shop' tab to peruse the available products; if the item was once in an Instagram post, they can see the original photo and how the product was used or styled!

    Shopping Collections

    This feature is especially helpful for Instagram shopping as it allows users to save products to their shopping collection! The way it works is if you see an item you're interested in within IG Stories or in a post, you can tap the shopping tag in the post, and then tap the 'Save' icon on the product screen it sends you to. Your selected item will then automatically save within your shopping collection. At the time, brands are not able to see which of their products are saved, but stay tuned for possible updates in the future!

    "Instagram is not slowing down when it comes to the continual growth of the user experience on the app."
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    Shop Products from Videos

    Last but not least; the ability to shop all of your favorite products from videos within Instagram! Video has become such an integral part of the app, so it only makes sense that they've opened up this shopping aspect of it. When a shoppable video shows up on your feed, you'll see a shopping tag at the bottom left corner of the video, which reveals the exact products featured in the video that you can buy. We're excited to see what this multifaceted feature evolves into as new updates continue to roll out! Anything that allows users to engage more with the brands is great in our book. As you can see, Instagram is not slowing down when it comes to the continual growth of the user experience on the app. They're continually looking for ways to bridge the gap between users and brands, and we look forward to seeing how they develop even more innovative ideas and strategies. Check back with us for more updates, news, and more!


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