How to Increase Your Organic Traffic on Pinterest

    December 02 2019

    Maintaining impactful and evergreen content on Pinterest can significantly increase traffic to your website or blog. Evergreen content is content that is timeliness and always relevant to your audience.

    Why Pinterest Drives More Traffic Than Other Social Channels

    Pinterest goes beyond a source of inspiration. Pins are ideas that people on Pinterest create, find, and save from online. If you click through the Pin, you can visit the website to learn how to make it or where to buy it. With the appropriate strategy, a business or brand can leverage their existing content to drive more traffic back to their site from Pinterest. Pinterest is not just a search engine or another social platform. So what makes Pinterest a valuable tool for your marketing strategy? Discoverability and niche audiences.

    • Pinterest is a discovery tool. It allows us to find ideas and inspiration that we can apply to our everyday lives. It also inspires us to elevate our social content. People come to Pinterest every day to find inspiration for anything, from home renovations to gathering uncommon recipes.
    • Pinterest serves niche audiences who are more engaged and tapped-in than other digital channels.

    Pro Tip: With your brand or business in mind, identify 2-3 niche audiences, and create content that serves them explicitly. And over time, new audiences will discover your niche content.

    The Magic is in the Numbers

    • With 322M monthly users, Pinterest is 80% more viral and 3x more effective at generating leads than Twitter. (This means a lot of visibility on the platform!)
    • 98% of users have tried something new discovered through Pinterest. (Food + Drink Recipe, DIY Projects, Marketing Best Practices... you name it!)
    • 84% of users use Pinterest when they're trying to decide what to buy.
    • 77% have found a new brand or product via Pinterest. (Pinterest is a great platform for brands and businesses to highlight top products and new releases to their followers.)

    The Power of Focusing on Evergreen Content

    Evergreen content is valuable content without an expiration date. This content can be repurposed and reused time and time again.

    • You don't have to be worried about losing shareability or refreshing evergreen Pins
    • If your evergreen content is shared by one person with a large following, long after you've first posted it, you'll still experience a spike in traffic
    • Evergreen content is great for SEO! With the right keywords in the title and description of your piece, more Pinterest users will discover and re-pin your content. The more traffic you drive, the higher it ranks in search – allowing you to continue that loop of driving content back to your site.

    SEO Example: Planoly's blog post "How to Use the Swipe-Up Feature on Instagram Stories" from October 2018 still ranks as our #1 piece of all time, and receives traffic weekly!

    Why Is Evergreen Content Valuable for Pinterest?

    • Pins are able to have a long lifespan beyond Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, which makes it the prime social real estate for your evergreen content.
    • Pinterest does not have a chronological feed. This means you can create multiple pins for your content by using different imagery or keywords to test which specific Pins drive the most traffic back to your website.
    • If your Pin is shared on a board from a follower who has a large following, you might begin seeing a lot of traffic from that re-pin. Even if their followers don't follow you! On Pinterest: it's about clicks to content that's actually valuable - not following.

    Best Practices for Evergreen Pins:

    • Refresh Imagery for top-performing posts.
    • Update the copy of your post to stay relevant to your audience.
    • Pin different images from that post to Pinterest to see what your followers engage with most.

    Structuring Your Imagery:

    • Craft your Pins in portrait mode for easier viewing on mobile.
    • Use captivating imagery, color palettes, and a quick and clear hook that teases the content that your sharing. (This will draw more people to that Pin and help boost the click-through rate.)

    Here's an example of a clear, informative, and concise way to draw an audience in to learn more.

    Top 4 Pin Title and Description Best Practices:

    Tailor your Pin titles and descriptions for success by understanding what your followers might be searching for when it comes to specific topics. Craft them just as you would for Google search. Here's how:

      • Use two to three keywords that stand out, and that tie into what your audience would search for based on your content.
      • Ask Yourself: "What would a user ask or search for on Google?"

    See the example below. We included the following keywords: "IGTV Checklist" and "IGTV Videos" within the Title & Description of the Pin to provide detail about the Pin.Pro Tip: Type in similar keywords within the Pinterest search bar that is relevant to the topic you're sharing. This will help you get an idea of which keywords to use within your descriptions.

    • Make your Pin descriptions short and concise to leave room for curiosity so that your audience will click to learn more. Instagram is for storytelling, whereas Pinterest is for quick and informational bites full for your audience.
    • Include 2 to 3 keywords within your Pin Description.
    • Include a maximum of 4 hashtags along with a call to action. Your hashtags have to be very specific to the content you're creating. Tie in keywords that are specific to that content.

    Pro Tip: Test your evergreen content further by using different images for Pins that lead to the same link. (You can still use the same description!) Using various images will allow you to see which type of images your audience gravitates towards the most.

    Key Takeaways

    • Work smarter not harder with your Pinterest content by tapping reusing existing evergreen content.
    • Focus on your Pin Titles & Pin Descriptions to engage new audiences.
    • Utilize our Pin Planner to maximize your evergreen content and boost traffic on popular content from your website.

    Get started driving more traffic to your evergreen content using PLANOLY's Pin Planner! Learn more about our PLANOLY Pin Planner and how you can utilize it to grow your Pinterest presence. Watch ourtutorial.


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