4 Tips to Increase Instagram Stories Engagement Using StoriesEdit

    April 24 2020

    Best Practices for Creating Templates on StoriesEdit

    Planning content ahead of time helps to free up your schedule for other things! Use DRAFTS and FAVORITES while designing on StoriesEdit to keep track of content buckets that you have planned for Instagram Stories. Here are the four tips to increase Instagram Stories engagement and stand out among the rest!

    Lean Into Your Creative Side

    Have fun and get creative as you work on creating templates for your brand or business. As you design and customize, save them to your DRAFTS folder. Creating DRAFTS for templates is a great way to ensure you can start where you left off or send to other members of your team for their input. You can categorize your DRAFTS folders based on content that goes out during certain days of the week, holidays, or upcoming campaigns. 

    PLANOLY Pro Tip: You can easily delete DRAFTS folders too! To delete Drafts Folders, simply hold down on the folder and then tap the (x) on the top right-hand corner of the folder. 


    Design Graphics That Save Time

    There are templates and collections that you might gravitate towards time and time again when it comes to the content that you share for Instagram Stories engagement. Keeping that in mind, you can easily pull from these templates by housing them under FAVORITES on the StoriesEdit App! 

    • Create a template based on seasonal themes for your content. (e.g., Spring Style, Spring Blooms, or Spring Cleaning)
    • Name your FAVORITES in a distinguishable way. (e.g., Events, Friday Finds, or Resharing Comments) 
    • Highlight certain holidays and keep all of your images in one folder for that Story theme. (e.g., World Cocktail Day, Small Business Saturday, or Pride month) 

    The FAVORITES tab creates a quick and accessible route to your favorites by knowing where to find them. Easily pull from your most frequently used templates to use them again and again. 


    Have Fun With Quotes

    Did you know that the StoriesEdit app also has a Quotes Template Collection to help you share your brand’s personality and with your audience? Use Quotes to share inspirational messages with your community from your favorite authors, inventors, thought leaders, and more. 


    Update Your Instagram Highlights

    Build a better Instagram page! Let your brand’s aesthetic shine by getting creative and setting up your highlights for Instagram Stories so that they capture what each section is all about. Create a customized and cohesive look with our selection of StoriesEdit highlight covers to draw your audience in and further engage with them on Instagram Stories. 


    We’re sure that implementing these top tips and tricks will allow you to take your marketing content on social media to new heights! Learn more about StoriesEdit DRAFTS + FAVORITES here to seamlessly plan and design content for social media.

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