In The Mood For Planning

    February 27 2018

    Having a strong foundation set at the beginning of the year always inspires more productivity. For the most part, content creators and business owners are in heavy planning mode, and the need for inspiration inevitably becomes front and center. With that said, today we're sharing our latest article that speaks more about the art of mood or vision boarding, creative planning, and a few leaders in the space who are experts at visual planning.

    A Picture's Worth A Thousand Words

    There's no denying that we are in a golden age of visual EVERYTHING. Social media's photo-first landscape lends itself well to visual content creators with a unique eye. But even if you don't consider yourself to be an innately visual creative, tools like mood or vision boards often help individuals flex their creative muscles. At the very least, engaging in collaging or mood-boarding can also be very helpful in organizing or streamlining one's thoughts. Below are a few examples of a few creative leaders who we look to for this particular form of planning.


    To kick things off, Myriam Rochefort (@myriamrochefort) has mastered the art of mood-boarding like no other. Her feed is filled with carefully-crafted mood-boards whose inspiration ranges from the change in season to specific color stories and more elements which tie them together. While Myriam's content also includes snippets of her life outside of mood-boarding, she has coined the aptly named hashtag #myplymood, which allows her followers to follow these posts exclusively. Myriam's timely approach to creativity proves that visual planning can help establish a sense of consistency (and perhaps also inspire a time to carve out time to sit down, unplug, and begin pinning!). Our next example proves that approaching copy creatively can inspire both creativity and productivity. The Rach Mark (@therachmark) is a digital hub that specializes in planning which is widely present on the platform's namesake Instagram channel. From tips on documenting milestones to using planners and more, @therachmark is a premier destination for those looking to 1) be visually inspired and 2) LEARN how to get organized to help make those plans turn into realities. Finally, our last example demonstrates a more modern approach to getting visually inspired. Enter the Instagram account @savedfeature. Helmed by designer (and social darling) Chelsea LaSalle (@chels), the account features carefully curated screenshots of images Chelsea has saved, which by default serves as a digital mood-board. So for those who still may not know how or when to start visual planning, this approach demonstrates that some of these tools (are quite literally) right at your fingertips.


    In the end, getting prepared (visually or not) all depends on your preferences as a content creator or marketer. And if you're in need of inspiration, utilize our Discover feature and pre-plan your Instagram grid to your heart's desire. Happy planning!
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    "In need of inspiration? Utilize our Discover feature & pre-plan your Instagram grid to your heart's desire."
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