IGTV: How to Leverage Instagram's Expansive Video Platform

    December 09 2019

    When Instagram introduced the option for creators to produce longer, binge-worthy videos on IGTV, it was clear the company was forecasting the importance of video for the new year.If 2019 was the year when videos on social media became a fixture for all users, 2020 will be the year when the video boom officially takes hold. Small businesses, brands, and influencers should develop and implement an IGTV strategy if they haven't already.New research proves this theory. Cisco reports that by the year 2021, an estimated 1.9 billion Internet video users will account for approximately 80% of all web traffic. And with Instagram continuing to widen the gap between its number of active users and other video streaming services, IGTV is poised to take on the YouTubes of the world. With Instagram hiding likes to promote creativity and community on your feed, highly-produced specialty content will almost certainly find a home on IGTV.For a complete guide on how to use IGTV, head here.

    IGTV: Power in Numbers

    One-third of the most viewed IG Stories come from brands. Of those, businesses see an 85% completion rate on those Stories. Moreover, advertisers in the US spent 36% more on video advertising, to the tune of $9.5 billion during the first half of 2019 (compared to the first half of 2018). With the spike in digital video content and the viewing consistency felt by businesses on Instagram, IGTV will be an optimal space to create intriguing and sellable experiences.Global media company Conde Nast recently announced plans to roll out five new original programming shows on Instagram TV. Pilots for their print publications GQ, Bon Appetit, and Conde Nast Traveler will launch in 2020, placing one of the largest publishers in the US squarely amid the IGTV surge.Beauty brand Sephora has already carved out a niche by marketing on IGTV. An ideal platform for showcasing make-up tutorials and skincare products, Sephora is engaging new and existing fans without even revealing product labels/containers in the videos. This medium allows Sephora to built trust with its consumers and meets them where they already are - on Instagram.

    How to Use IGTV in 2020

    Small Business Best Practices

    Create a Theme - Make your IGTV content feel like a homepage. Show your audience exactly what's important to you like you would in your feed.UGC - User Generated Content (UGC) is an incredible asset if used correctly. When patrons visit your restaurant, consumers shop at your store, or followers attend your events and create sharable moments, repost that on IGTV. Repost their videos or piece together their images in a video clip. Simply put, show your supporters appreciation by sharing their content.Get in Motion - While most are fearful of "breaking the grid" aesthetic with video content, you shouldn't be. A bit of motion will help activate your page and ensure its individuality amongst the masses. It also makes your page feel less curated and more authentic.Note the Time - Just because you can use 15 to 20 minutes on IGTV doesn't necessarily mean you have. According to numerous reports, IGTV videos are most effective when under three minutes long.

    Brand Best Practices

    Diversify Your Content - One of the primary factors facing big brands today is diversity. If you're expanding into more video content in 2020, your content must feature a diverse cast of ethnicities, sexualities, body types, and genders.Informative & Shoppable - Not only will ad campaigns and brand commercials prove impactful on IGTV, so will sophisticated and informative shopping videos. Create thoughtful presentations of products and experiences that detail what problems your brand can solve. Remember, great storytelling is the ultimate brand builder.IGTV 101 - There's a huge desire for educational and "how-to" content. It's largely why YouTube currently outranks Instagram and Facebook as the most popular video streaming platform. There's a proven history that educating your consumers leads to loyalty and sales.Product Launches - As your audience already lives on social media and often views your products there, double down by presenting product launches here through visual storytelling.

    Influencer Best Practices

    Get Real - No one wants your picture-perfect posts anymore. The same goes for video. Keep it authentic, be yourself, and don't overproduce your content. You want it to resonate with everyone. If it's too curated, you'll miss your mark.Bootstrapping - You don't need a full production team to make an IGTV video that matters. You're your biggest asset, not expensive equipment.Be Consistent - Get used to posting videos as much as possible. Train your audience to see videos in your feed and clip to "Watch Full IGTV Video" link for more.Tutorials/Podcasts - No matter your realm of influence, providing valuable insights into your industry and/or field will always yield positive results. Use IGTV as a platform to promote your podcasts, showcases products of interest, and create teachable moments from your experiences.Three years ago, when Mark Zuckerberg revealed Facebook's "video-first" strategy to the world, he proved himself a visionary yet again. Digital video ad spending is expected to grow 46% to $51 billion by 2023, according to Strategy Analytics.Digital video advertising – much of which hinges upon mobile viewership – rose 45% in the third quarter from a year ago to represent 42% of total social media ad spending. In 2020, IGTV will represent a much larger share of that increase. Starting planning your 2020 IGTV strategy now and be sure to implement our Analyze Web Dashboard for the advanced analytics you'll need to stay ahead of the curve.

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