IG Stories Takeover Case Study with Darling Magazine

    November 20 2017

    Instagram Stories are quickly becoming a go-to outlet for influencers and businesses alike. There is definitely an art to it, and it's essential to find out what style works best for you when crafting your own content. We got to chat with Teresa Archer and Cassidy Boatright of Darling Magazine to find out their favorite tips for creating intriguing content on Instagram Stories. Read on to find out what it takes to make an Instagram Stories takeover successful, balancing planned out vs. spontaneous content, making sure the visuals are appealing, and more!

    Teresa Archer - Managing Editor:

    What aspects make an IG Story intriguing to the viewer?

    Honestly, I think an IG story needs to be something that feels authentic and contains the personality and individuality of the individual or brand. Regular Instagram posts are more curated, while stories are more time-sensitive. You only have short seconds to convey a thought or moment, and therefore a story that holds it's own as a true reflection of the person is what intrigues viewers.

    What is the balance between "planned out" and spontaneous when it comes to IG Stories?

    I think you should probably know the "why" or "what" to your story ahead of time – decide "what am I revealing in this?" Then try to go with that. Some people just aren't that spontaneous, and others are.

    "An IG story needs to be something that feels authentic and contains the personality of the individual or brand."
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    What is the magic number of IG Stories per day?

    I think somewhere between three and seven... past that and it becomes too much information for most of us.

    What advice do you have for someone who is shy when it comes to IG Stories?

    Think about how you would talk or relate to your close friend – and remember that this will disappear in just 24 hours! It's not going to have a lasting impact on your social footprint so you can be much more silly than if you were crafting a post or blog.

    How does someone craft their own identity and figure out what works well for them when it comes to IG Stories?

    That's an interesting question – I think it depends on what your Grid is like and what you want to use Stories for. If your Grid is extremely polished, as so many are, I think you need to answer the question, "What's another side of me, or something about me, that's important and likable, but hard to access from my posts?" For my personal site, I come across as thoughtful, aesthetic and even slightly intellectual in my posts, but I'm also really goofy – so I use my stories as a space to "let my hair down" and show that less serious side of myself. What are your top 3 tips when it comes to IG Stories vs. Grid?

    1. Don't use Stories as an avenue for a monologue.
    2. Don't write so much on the stories that the person has to keep going back to read it all.
    3. Try not to feel pressure and really use these platforms as a space to play and create more than think of them as art installments.

    What makes an IG Stories Takeover successful?

    I think what makes these successful is the confidence of the takeover brand or person in bringing exactly who they are to the table.

    IG Stories Takeover Case Study with Darling Magazine - PLANOLY Blog 1

    Cassidy Boatright - Visual Media Manager:

    What are your top 3 tips for making an IG Story visually appealing?

    1. Filter using an editing app (I like VSCO!) instead of the IG provided filters.
    2. Get creative with interesting angles and crops.
    3. Think like a designer! Center text, balance graphic elements, and don't make it too cluttered.

    To emoji or not to emoji?

    Emoji. Always emoji.

    How do you find inspiration for creating a beautiful IG Story?

    Take what you're seeing or feeling in the moment and translate that into a photo. Then, let the moment speak for itself within a photo or highlight an element with a word or two to give context and to direct the viewer to the meaning of the image.

    "Take what you're seeing or feeling in the moment and translate that into a photo."
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    Who are some of your favorite Instagrammers that do IG Stories right?

    I love @heyclaire and @almostmakesperfect. Their stories are always so simple and interesting—plus they really make each story look intentional and designed, but also effortless. Love that!

    How do you make your handwriting look good on Stories?!

    Lots of doodling in class growing up (lol). But seriously, I just love handwriting—so I don't do anything particularly special. I do always slide the writing tool down to the smallest size and use my index finger to write my nicest!

    What should people not do on IG Stories?

    Don't talk too much! Make what you're saying digestible. People don't really want to listen to ultra-long-winded stories or posts. In my experience, people prefer one or two impactful images!

    What makes and IG Stories Takeover successful?

    Making a real connection by finding points of unique similarity between the guest and the platform audience. Takeovers should add interest and special value to an account's IG following. Plus, some kind of freebie never hurts either!


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