IG Live: How to Build Better Content Based on Your Stats

    January 26 2018

    Analytics and insights are a beneficial tool in helping you to improve your content strategy and learn what your audience likes. Planoly's app and web dashboard have some effective tools to analyze your overall engagement and see which type of content is performing best, as well as your peak times to post. Instagram analytics also provide some useful insight that you should be using to your advantage. We recently did an IG Live on all aspects of this topic, which you can watch below! Read on for even more insight and information on building better content based on your statistics.

    How to Maximize Your Use of Instagram Insights

    "Analytics are beneficial to improve your content strategy and learn what your audience likes."
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    How to Track Growth and Build KPI's (Key Performance Indicators)

    Build a spreadsheet with your weekly numbers to track your growth. Make sure to include:

      • Following
      • Reach
      • Impressions
      • Engagement (likes and comments)
      • Website referrals
      • Number of weekly posts (and what kind of posts like multi-photo or videos, etc)
      • Number of stories
      • How many viewers were on your IG live
      • When your audience was most active, and create the patterns of when they are most active based on a monthly average

    Once you start keeping track of these numbers, then you can start creating projections of your growth and see where you could potentially be months or a year from now. Make sure that you're always making realistic projections, but don't settle for less. Push yourself and let your projections help you create the best content possible for optimal success.

    What Indicators to Look at When Creating Content

    Use PLANOLY's analytics tool to keep track of:

    • Total likes and comments received
    • Likes and comment per post on average per time period
    • Your top posts and what engagement you received from them

    - Based on your top posts, try to recreate the same success for similar posts, and create content that mimics those success triggers. Do photos of you perform better? Maybe you should start posting more pictures of yourself!

    • What about your low performing posts? What do you think caused the low engagement?

    - Take notes of what didn't perform so well and tailor your content strategy around that too. Don't let low performing posts bring down your average. If you don't think that the post will perform well, just don't post it. You can also post low performing posts on your IG Story and ask your followers to go "like" them on your grid.

    How to Increase Engagement with the Poll Feature

    Want to really know what your audience wants to hear and see? Let them chime in and give their input on your content strategy by creating polls. If the answer doesn't fit one of the two answer options, do a call to action in order to let them reply back with their feedback. Polls are one of the best ways to engage a conversation with your audience!

    "Polls are one of the best ways to engage a conversation with your audience!"
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    How to Use Referral Links

    The best way to find out your best performing channels is to track where your incoming traffic is coming from. You can create unique referral links for each of your social channels and certain campaigns in order to see where your audience is coming from. See which ones are driving more, and how you should shift your strategy for those platforms that aren't driving that much traffic. Continue to share on platforms that outperform the others!


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