IG Live: Giving Your Brand a Personality

    March 14 2018

    Creating a brand that people enjoy and relate to is a key aspect when owning a business. The more personality your brand has, the more people will remember it and keep coming back. We're going to be diving into the topic of how to think of your brand as a person and give your brand a unique personality. People relate to people, so the more 'human' your brand is, the better. Read on for tips on how to form your brand, keep it real, build relationships with your audience, curate a community, and more!

    "Creating a brand that people enjoy and relate to is a key aspect when owning a business." Tweet this.

    IG Live Giving Your Brand a Personality - PLANOLY - Outdoor Voices

    Who and What Is Your Brand?

    When you think of a brand, do you think of a logo or a personality? If you do, they've most likely done a great job of creating a memorable and likeable brand. For instance, when thinking of the insurance company, Progressive (@progressive), you might think of Flo. The brands where you only think of their logo might have some work to do. The fast food chain Wendy's (@wendys) is another great example, because most people think of their hilarious and sassy social presence. This is another form of a brand personality...it doesn't always have to be a physical character that comes to mind. Always make sure to give your brand a face or lifestyle representation that's relatable to the audience you're targeting. If your brand isn't necessarily a face, is the lifestyle and identity something that your target audience would resonate with? Glossier and Outdoor Voices are both accurate examples of a brand lifestyle representation. When people think of Glossier (@glossier), they can visualize their brand colors, and they know that it's a brand with natural skincare and beauty products. They might think about their brand slogan, "Skin first. Makeup second", or they might picture the average Glossier user, with minimal makeup and healthy skin. With Outdoor Voices (@outdoorvoices), people most likely think about their slogan, 'Doing things', and will visualize an active lifestyle.
    IG Live Giving Your Brand a Personality - PLANOLY - Wendys

    Give Your Brand a Voice

    How many times have you shrieked with excitement when you got a reply back from the brand that you DM'd or tweeted? Give your brand a voice and actually use it by engaging with your following! Read on for a few ideas on how to do that.

    1. Hit People's Funny Bone - For example, Denny's or Wendy' have both done an amazing job of staying relevant on social media by having hilarious twitter accounts. People may not eat there everyday, but they follow them for the laughs and that subconsciously develops a brand loyalty for followers.
    2. Build a Relationship with Your Audience - Let them know there's a person behind the phone, not just a brand. Become a resource for your audience rather than just selling a product. Relate with them, answer their questions, and be there for them when they're reaching out. Reach out to them and develop a genuine and organic relationship.
    3. Sell Without Selling via Social Media- Word of mouth will always work in your favor. Brands like Glossier have benefited from this by becoming a beauty cult classic in the digital world. Before they hit brick and mortar, a lot of their marketing was word of mouth, along with traditional advertising. Glossier not only sells amazing skin care, but an aesthetic that their customers are inspired by.
    4. Create and Build on Your Community - By focusing on community first, you may not necessarily sell as much in the beginning, but an authentic slow-build will pay off in the long run. Influencers like Nadia Aboulhosn and Karla Deras established a community behind their fashion blogs and capitalized on their following by creating apparel brands, so they already had a strong brand loyalty behind them.
    5. People Hate Being Sold to - According to Instagram, "⅔'s of profile visits to businesses come from people who aren't following that business." The followers you have now are most likely already fans of your product, so if you're going to promote sales or products, make sure you target people who don't already follow you by buying ads on Instagram. The less authentic you become, the more likely you are to lose followers. Nobody likes a salesman at their door, so don't let your Instagram feed be a reflection of that. Sell the lifestyle and personality, not the product (you can do that at your brick and mortar and on your webpage).

    When it comes down to it, it's all about how your portray your brand and engage with your followers. Consistent branding, relatable copy, and eye-catching content is what will put you ahead. Don't try to take any shortcuts, just focus on maintaining high-quality content and your hard work will pay off in the long run! Keeping your brand and your social media presence as authentic and real as possible is what people want to see.

    "Word of mouth will always work in your favor." Tweet this.


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