IG Live: Boost Groups

    January 25 2018

    Are you interested in learning more about boost groups? You've come to the right place! We recently did an Instagram Live video where we chatted all about this topic and answered several of your questions, which you can watch below. We wanted to take it a step further and give you even more information about boost groups, including the good and bad sides to incorporating them into your engagement strategy. Read on to find out what a boost group is, why you should or shouldn't join one, how to make sure you're doing it right, and more!

    What Is a Boost Group?

    A boost group is a DM group of around 15 people on Instagram where you agree to like and comment on all of each other's posts. When you post new content, you DM your post to the boost group, and from there everyone must comment and like your post the minute you publish it. The catch is that when you publish a post, you should immediately share it to the boost group and everyone in the group has to like and comment as soon as possible, preferably by 15 minutes since the post has gone live. You have to do the same for everyone who shares content in the group.

    "Boost groups are meant to accelerate the amount of likes you get in a short period of time. "
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    How Are They Helpful?

    Boost groups are meant to accelerate the amount of likes you get in a short period of time. Many users and influencers use them to try and beat the algorithm, since the algorithm picks up on accelerated engagement to boost your content up in people's feeds.

    Why You SHOULDN'T Focus On Them

    While there are upsides when it comes to boost groups, there are several cons to consider before deciding if you want to join one. If anything, they are more like a bandaid and should not be your main focus when trying to boost your engagement.

    A Few Things to Keep in Mind:

    • Everyone in the group needs to be accountable to like and comment on everyone's posts.
    • You can't remove anyone who is inactive, and the best way a group can work is if everyone is participating.
    • After a while, the comments gets repetitive and unoriginal, and you're probably liking posts that you don't really like.
    • Authenticity is somewhat lost within boost groups when engaging.
    • You have to be on top of the group 24/7.

    "Making sure that you have adequate time to participate in a boost group is key."
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    Are You Doing It Right?

    • As mentioned earlier, everyone has to be participating for the boost group to really do what it's meant to do.
    • If you're going to be liking posts, make sure that you know that you really like the posts of the people who are involved in the group!
    • If there is someone who is inactive, reach out to them and ask if they want to forfeit their spot for someone who is willing to participate all the time.

    There you have it! Boost groups have several pros and cons, so it's up to you to decide if this strategy is for you. Making sure that you have adequate time to participate in a boost group is key. They yield really great results for some people, so give it a try and see if it works for you!


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