How to Utilize Instagram Highlights

    February 25 2018

    Instagram's newest feature, Highlights, is a powerful tool that influencers and businesses should be integrating into their content strategy. A lot of people are unsure about how to best incorporate Highlights into their Instagram game plan, but if done correctly it can be extremely beneficial! Check out this previous blog post for a step-by-step guide on how to use Highlights. Read on to discover more about how to use this valuable new feature.

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    Organizing Highlights

    You can create organized Story Highlights with different categories and series within your Instagram page for all of your readers to easily view and navigate without having to see all of your saved Stories. There are many different ways to do this, and it's good to be as creative as possible when organizing your Highlights. Here are a few category suggestions:

    • Beauty
    • Fitness
    • Food
    • Style
    • Travel
    • News
    • Tutorial
    • Studio
    • New Collection
    • BTS
    • Q & A
    • FAQ

    Your category choices depend on your niche. Have fun with it and make sure the categories apply to your blog or area of specialty.

    Evergreen Content

    A great way to apply Highlights to your Instagram is by amplifying evergreen content. This enables your followers to catch up on Stories they might have otherwise missed. Unlike Instagram Stories, Highlights won't expire after 24 hours, so you can keep them up for as long as you'd like! If you have the link (SWIPE UP) feature, this is an extra plus for you! Your links can live beyond the 24 hours, hence driving more traffic to those links for as long as you like!

    "A great way to apply Highlights to your Instagram is by amplifying evergreen content." Tweet this.

    How to Utilize Instagram Highlights 2

    Design Matters

    Once you've decided on your Highlight topics, you can create cute graphics or images to use as the "cover" for your various categories. Think of this as your book cover or cover of your album, but in this case, it's a cover for each Highlight. When designing or choosing an image for each Highlight cover, make sure that it's on brand with your Instagram theme or blog aesthetic. We suggest making them image icons or close-up high-quality images since you can write the Highlight category below the icon. Here are a few more examples: Jewelry Brand: If you have a jewelry brand, use product photos to highlight each of your product categories. Make sure to also include a Highlight for STUDIO or BTS as well to share your process as well!

    • Rings
    • Earring
    • Necklace

    Photographer: If you're a photographer, break down your specialties. Below are just some examples overall.

    • Portraits
    • Still-life
    • Landscape/Scenery
    • Engagement
    • Bridal
    • Couple

    Brands and Influencers

    For brands, having a Highlight category for new products or sales is a perfect way to keep your customers informed and in-the-know. Here are a few more examples:

    • Free downloads
    • Exclusive sneak peaks
    • Behind-the-scenes product shoots
    • Follower shout-outs/reposts

    Influencers have the opportunity to get creative with Highlights, depending on the content that they cover. Here are a few examples below:

    • Travel diaries
    • Tech tips, hacks, & tutorials
    • Lookbooks that direct back to a blog post
    • Photoshoots
    • Fashion, decor, beauty, or lifestyle tips
    • Q&A with answers to their most asked questions

    How to Utilize Instagram Highlights - PLANOLY Blog 1 We hope this sparks your imagination on how to incorporate Highlights into your own Instagram strategy. It's a great way to make your content even more dynamic and engaging for your followers. If you're unsure of what Highlight categories to add, look into your analytics to see what type of content gets the most engagement, and you'll know what to emphasize. As always, with every new Instagram feature, it's all about trial and error! Try, learn, and adapt as you go along and figure out what works for you. Happy creating and planning!


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