How to Use the New Canvas Resizing Feature on StoriesEdit

    June 19 2020

    How to Use the New Canvas Resizing Feature on StoriesEdit

    June 19 2020  |  StoriesEdit , SE-best-practices

    How to Use the Canvas Resizing Feature on StoriesEdit

    The StoriesEdit design app makes it easy to quickly design branded creative assets for your social media channels on your phone. The latest updates to our StoriesEdit App include Canvas Size options to resize your favorite templates for various social media platforms, a rotation functionality to fit your design, and a new keyboard with stickers to elevate your template creations.

    When it comes to telling a visual and engaging story to your audience, half of the fun comes from creating the content! Our biggest goal with PLANOLY’s StoriesEdit app is to make it feel as though you have access to your own creative design studio right in the palm of your hands. It is seamless and easy for you to create thoughtful, engaging, and beautifully designed Instagram Stories, Pins, posts, or whatever your social media needs with just the touch of a finger. 

    How do you use this new resizing feature? Let's dive in!

    NOTE: ‘RESIZE’ Canvas Sizes features on StoriesEdit is only available to paid StoriesEdit subscribers

    How to Use the New Canvas Resizing Feature on StoriesEdit
    How to Use the New Canvas Resizing Feature on StoriesEdit

    Canvas Sizes & Resizing

    We’re so excited to share our StoriesEdit feature: ‘RESIZE’ Canvas Sizes! You can now use templates from our StoriesEdit collections in various Canvas Sizes to share with your audience across multiple social media platforms? You’re no longer limited Story-sized templates and have access to four different Canvas Sizes to choose from. 

    StoriesEdit Canvas Size Options

    1. Instagram Story - 9:16 ratio for your Instagram Stories
    2. Social Media - 1:1 ratio for any Social Media
    3. Portrait - 4:5 portrait ratio for Portrait
    4. Pinterest  - 2:3 ratio for your Pinterest content 

    How to Use StoriesEdit Canvas Size Options

    1. Open the StoriesEdit App
    2. Choose any template from a COLLECTION or CATEGORY 
    3. Once you’ve selected your desired template, tap on the ‘EDIT’ Pencil Icon on the bottom right corner of the screen
    4. You’ll then see an option to ‘RESIZE’ Canvas Sizes on the far right - tap here
    5. You can then select from four different Canvas Sizes:
      • 4:5 ratio for Portrait 
      • 9:16 ratio for Instagram Story
      • 1:1 ratio for Square Social Posts
      • 2:3 ratio for Pinterest
    6. Select one or multiple sizes that you’d like to create! (You’ll then see the ‘RESIZE’ button activated followed by the amount selected at the bottom of the screen)
    7. When you’re ready to ‘RESIZE’ your template, tap on ‘RESIZE’ at the bottom of your screen

    To create content with StoriesEdit, simply add your copy, additional shapes & stickers, then tap on the ‘DRAFTS’ Floppy Disk Icon to save to your work or tap on the ‘SHARE’ with the export up icon at the top right of your screen to save to your device. Now your content is ready to share directly to your social media channels or send to your PLANOLY app to to schedule!

    How to Use the New Canvas Resizing Feature on StoriesEdit
    How to Use the New Canvas Resizing Feature on StoriesEdit

    And there you have it! It’s that simple to use the Canvas Size feature to turn your templates into content for any social media channel! 


    Create magic on all of your social platforms with Stickers, Canvas Sizes, and more on StoriesEdit. Get started today!


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