How to Use StoriesEdit as a Beauty Content Creator or Beauty Brand

    March 10 2019

    As we've previously discussed, Instagram Stories is a crucial and important tool that every brand, content creator, and influencer should be utilizing to reach their followers outside of their feed. According to TechCrunch "the Stories format is on a path to surpass feeds as the primary way people share things with their friends." But, considering how effective Instagram Stories can be to market your content or product, they're often the one area that tends to be overlooked design-wise. Because of this, it's incredibly important to utilize an app that allows you to customize templates to fit your own design aesthetic in order to avoid having your Instagram Stories look like everyone else's. Enter our newest app StoriesEdit, which is the perfect app for anyone looking to step up their Instagram Story game. While we recommend our app to everyone from any field - we wanted to specifically talk about how to use StoriesEdit as a beauty content creator or beauty brand.

    Highlight Content You've Already Created

    One of the most effective ways to make sure you're getting a bit of traction to either your website or blog is to highlight whatever content you want your followers to take note of within your Instagram Stories. For example, we love how beauty content creator Amelia of @ameliaasays highlights her most recent blog posts in her Instagram Stories. This allows her followers that may have missed her newest blog post to easily check it out directly from her Instagram Stories.

    "It's incredibly important to utilize an app that allows you to customize templates to fit your own design aesthetic." Tweet this.

    What's important to note about highlighting content within your Instagram Stories is that you must strategically utilize some kind of CTA (call to action) within your graphic. While Instagram does offer its default "See More" button at the bottom of any Instagram Story that leads to a link when someone taps it - it's placement is directly below your graphic so it could easily get overlooked. With StoriesEdit, you can either select a template that already has a CTA as a graphic, or you can add your own shape and text to any template without an existing CTA for an even more customized look.

    Review or Swatch a Product

    According to Business Insider "72% of users have bought a product they saw on Instagram." With that in mind, if you're a beauty brand and you're not reviewing or swatching products in your Instagram Stories, you're missing out on a potentially effective marketing strategy to turn followers into customers. A company we love who is taking advantage of their Instagram Stories by sharing videos of their products being used or swatched is Glossier. Their content feels genuine and isn't overly produced; plus their swatches are true to color as they're shot in natural lighting.

    "According to Business Insider '72% of users have bought a product they saw on Instagram.'" Tweet this.

    When sharing a review or swatch, always remember to be thoughtful about how you're presenting your content. We recommend selecting two templates from one set from StoriesEdit to showcase your swatches or reviews.

    1. Use one template as your intro - perhaps you could introduce the product you will be reviewing.
    2. You can use the second template as the perfect backdrop for the rest of your content.

    This creates a cohesive look for your Instagram Stories. In the future, try switching things up by either using the same template set but changing up the colors or by using a different set of templates so your users can distinguish between reviews or swatches if you decide to add them to your highlights.

    Share Some Love by Featuring Real Customer Photos

    There's no better advertising than customer photos. Why? Because they're taken by a customer, who has either recently purchased the product or repurchased your product. It's essentially free advertising users are already creating for your brand when they tag your brand or use your brand's hashtag. So share a little bit of love by featuring some of your favorite customer photos on your own Instagram Stories. If you decide to do this, be sure to ask for their permission first and make sure to tag their account. Encourage your followers to share their own customer photos for a chance to be featured on your account. One brand who does this exceedingly well is Glow Recipe, when they released their Jelly Tote they not only featured several customer photos, but they even created a hashtag (#youjelly) that they encouraged their followers to use. This was a brilliant way to create traction for a newly released product, as well as showcase their customers.

    "There's no better advertising than customer photos."
    Tweet this.

    If you want to showcase your customers content on your Instagram Stories in a way that stays true to your brand, you can easily customize any of the templates on StoriesEdit. Simply add your customers photos into a template, and then tag their account within Instagram right when you're about to share the graphic. We hope you found these tips and tricks helpful and if you haven't already, be sure to download our app StoriesEdit on iOS or Android!


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