How to Use Pinterest to Promote Holiday Content

    October 17 2019

    "Seasons change, but one thing stays the same: people use Pinterest to plan for holidays and celebrations!"

    Pinterest is a vital resource for gathering the best ideas. Whether you're looking to plan a holiday party, pull inspiration for a fun winter getaway, or simply want to gather new seasonal inspiration... Pinterest is an amazing source to have on hand. With the holiday season being right around the corner, it's great to prioritize ways in which you plan to promote your holiday content. Below, we're going to dive into everything you need to know when it comes to understanding How to Use Pinterest to Promote your Holiday Content."For the first time ever, holiday shoppers are expected to spend a whopping USD 1 trillion!"-Pinterest That means a whole lot of potential shoppers on your website! What can you do to make the most of this? Leverage your content and your brand on your site and on social, of course!!To make the most of your content planning this holiday season, let's first dive into a few fun Seasonal Pinterest Facts Below:

    "Pinterest is a vital resource for gathering the best ideas."
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    Holiday Pinterest Facts

    Source: Pinterest Seasonal Insights 2019 & Pinterest Business


    • During October through December, most people on Pinterest are searching for ideas in the following categories: tablescapes, holiday decorating, recipes, and seasonal sales, to name a few. -Pinterest Seasonal Insights
    • There are a lot of holiday parties happening over the next few months! "The dessert category has seen 63% year over year growth, and the drinks category has seen 21% year over year growth." -Pinterest
    • The most popular search terms during October, December, and November are Couples Halloween costumes, Thanksgiving appetizers, Friendsgiving, Black Friday memes, Black Friday sale, Christmas decorations, and Winter outfits, to name a few. -Pinterest Seasonal Insights
    • "Wellness is bound to jingle some bells this holiday season—saved ideas in this category have grown 231% year over year!" -Pinterest
    • "Overall, holiday sales are on the rise this year, with a projected 2% increase leading to nearly $917 billion in holiday sales!4 71% of holiday shoppers say they like searching for gifts online.5 And Pinterest helps you reach these shoppers before they've decided which gift they're going for." -Pinterest

    The stats above can help lead you in the right direction when it comes to creating holiday content for the months ahead. The holidays are the perfect time to start getting creative with your content too! Always place your brand and business in a position that allows you to leverage your products, blog posts, sales, and everything else that you're sharing.Now, let's dive into the top ways to promote Holiday content through Pinterest!

    "The holidays are the perfect time to start getting creative with your content."
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    Top 4 Ways to Promote Holiday Content:

    1. Blog Posts: One of the best ways to promote holiday content is through your website or your blog and then sharing the images, URL link, and descriptions on Pinterest. Having an active site is key to share recent news and up-to-date need to knows for your audience. A favorite website of ours that does this isThe Everygirl. From budgeting for the holiday season to go-to holiday outfits, and the best appetizers for a holiday party... The Everygirl has it down when it comes to promoting their holiday content and re-sharing it on Pinterest. They've even created their own board for Holiday content!
    2. Through Social: Once you've created the copy and assets for your blog or website, the best way to elevate that content and continue spreading the word is by sharing it with your audience and talking about it across all social platforms. Don't forget to keep in mind that your audience might be different on each platform. It's best to look into your insights on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest to better gauge what each audience will be drawn to the most, and which content they'll gravitate towards during the season. You can then disperse your social content across your Pinterest boards to further create engagement with your followers. Pro Tip: Create different category boards to draw them in even further! i.e., one just for Halloween, one just for Thanksgiving, and one just for Christmas!PLANOLY Pro Tip: Make the most of your holiday promotion time by utilizing our many planning tools. Integrate PLANOLY into your workflow to map out all upcoming Instagram content for the holidays! Use StoriesEdit to strategize and elevate content for your Instagram Stories, and plan all of your Pins ahead of time with our new Pin Planner! (Can we include an image for planning with PLANOLY or something that has the IG and Pinterest icon?)
    3. Instagram Stories:Did you know - According to Facebook IQ, "62% of people become more interested in a brand or product after seeing it in Stories."Instagram Stories is a powerful tool that helps you engage with your audience on a deeper level, and connect with them in a thoughtful and personal way. With more and more people being drawn to Stories every day, it's the best time to integrate it into your marketing strategy to promote holiday content. Once you've shared content on Pinterest, draw your audience back to your Pinterest profile by sharing on Stories and creating a ripple effect to lead them back to your promoted content. Want to get even more out of your Instagram Stories? Elevate your Stories through the use of our many templates on StoriesEdit. Choose from a vast selection of beautifully designed templates to make your content stand out and draw your audience in. Your content is sure to pack a punch when you integrate any of our many collections into the mix.
    4. Evergreen Content: And last but not least, don't forget to utilize the power of evergreen content. If you've had a website or blog for a few years, you likely have great content from the previous holiday seasons that are still relevant and useful today. Dig up some of those articles and repurpose them by including new stats and facts for fresh, new content this season! Then, share them on Pinterest to boost those articles and drive more traffic!! You can learn more about evergreen content from our previous blog post here: Staying Active on Social Media During the Holidays with Evergreen Content

    We hope that today's post will help you leverage and scale your holiday promotion endeavors during this busy and fun season. And, don't forget to reference our Pinterest Holiday Trend Report for further help in planning your holiday content!

    So, what are you waiting for?! Go ahead and start promoting your wonderful holiday content!

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