How to Use Instagram Stories to Connect with Your Audience

    March 26 2019

    Instagram Stories has only continued to grow since its initial launch in 2016. With all of the new updates and features, there are so many ways to create conversations with your audience and expand your brand. We'll be covering a few tips and best practices for how you can use Instagram Stories to get feedback and connect with your audience even more.

    Instagram Story Polls

    The Poll Sticker on Instagram Stories is one of the best ways to get quick feedback from your audience. It requires only a simple tap to respond, so people are likely to engage! We suggest using Polls on Instagram Stories to find out what type of content your audience wants to see from you; that way you know that the content you're putting out is a direct result of what they're interested in seeing or learning about. You can ask a question for the poll with a 'Yes' or 'No' answer option, or you can customize the answer field depending on the feedback you want. Use Polls to get people's attention and promote a new blog post or product. For instance, you could ask 'Are you interested in learning more about Google Analytics?' with a yes or no poll option, and then include the 'See More' link in the Story for people to tap and read the full blog post! *Planoly Tip: Use emojis instead of words on the Poll answers for a fun twist.

    "The Poll Sticker on Instagram Stories is one of the best ways to get quick feedback from your audience."
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    Question Sticker

    The Question Sticker is a great way to get to know your followers and receive more in-depth feedback. You can even use this feature to have your audience ask you questions that you can respond to on Instagram Stories! It's a fun way to dive deeper into the minds of your followers and create a two-way conversation. The default text is "Ask me a question," but you can alter it to something different (as long as it's 50 characters or less). Once you receive the questions, you can share and answer them on your Instagram Stories for all of your followers to see. Here are a few ways to incorporate the Question Sticker to your Instagram strategy:

    • Tell your followers to ask you a question, and then respond to them by videoing yourself answering them, or using images and text.
    • Feature a specific person on your team and tell people to ask a question about their field or job tasks.
    • If you just released a new product, tell your audience to ask any questions they have about it! It's a great way to promote a new product and educate your followers through their questions.


    Whether you're counting down a new product or a special surprise...this feature is key to incorporate into your Instagram strategy. You can name the countdown stickers, and set the end date and time. When you post a countdown sticker, your followers have the option to turn on a reminder or share the countdown to their own Instagram Story. This is a fabulous option for promoting a new feature, blog post, or product!

    "Location stickers are a great way to connect with more users."
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    Emoji Slider

    The emoji slider is a fun way to interact with your followers. It's a perfect way to get feedback from your audience in a quick and straightforward way! Ask a question on your Instagram Story whether it be on text or by taking a video, and choose from any of the emojis to make the slider icon. Once people respond with their answer, you can go back and see how each person reacted.


    Last but not least is the location sticker! This is a wonderful way to get more local exposure for your brand or account. The best part about location stickers is that it makes you discoverable when people search the location tag you used so that you can gain new followers. Location stickers also make it possible for your Instagram Story to be added into the larger location story which can be found on the Explore feed. Whether you're at an event, tagging your own brick and mortar business, or traveling in a new city....location stickers are a great way to connect with more users. We hope you found our Instagram Story tips to be helpful for your engagement strategies! Instagram Stories are a fabulous way to interact with current followers and gain new ones as well. With Instagrams continued Story updates, the connection possibilities are only growing more creative and interactive. Instagram is all about sharing and connecting, so don't hesitate to reach out to your followers and engage regularly.


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