How to Use Influencers to Promote Your Brand Throughout the Holidays

    November 22 2018

    The holidays are here, which means now is the time to plan and execute your holiday campaigns. The holidays are an extremely competitive time of the year so it is vital that brands find influencers that work best for them so they can stand out against the crowd. A great way to stand out is by incorporating influencers into your marketing strategy! If you haven't already started your planning, here are a few key ways to make sure you use the power of influencer marketing this holiday season.

    Setting Your Promotional Timeline

    The holidays already generate a lot of sales for most businesses, but it's important to strategize your promotions around the top revenue-generating dates. Below are some key dates to be looking at before you pitch to influencers

    Top Revenue-Generating Dates During Holiday Season

    • Black Friday
    • Cyber Monday
    • Late November (approx. 18th-25th)
    • Thanksgiving
    • Christmas Day

    "A great way to stand out is by incorporating influencers into your marketing strategy!"
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    Find Out Who's Already Using Your Products

    Potential customers are more likely to buy from an influencer if the partnership is organic or appears to be organic. Search for those that tag you in their photos and search through your follower list for possible collaborators. From there, check everyone's comment section, social engagement, and past brands they may have worked with. If they are already having a conversation with their audience on the products they are using, this could help translate your product to sales. This can take some time, but you'll be able to build a core list to reach out to and possibly collaborate with. Most people start their holiday shopping in November, so getting influencers to start building and posting content this month will give you a headstart.

    Build a Holiday Wishlist

    Once you've narrowed down who'd like to work with this holiday season, have them build personal holiday wishlists. In order to reach a broader audience, we'd suggest that both you and the influencer share it on your individual blogs and push it to your Pinterest audiences. Because you did the research prior, and know the influencer already uses your product or service, the wishlist will come off more genuine than "sales-y".

    "Getting influencers to start building and posting content this month will give you a headstart."
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    Online Hashtag Sweepstakes Highlighting Your Specific Product Offering

    Having any type of sweepstakes or giveaway requires having a strong relationship with the chosen influencers. There will likely be lots of giveaways and sweepstakes going on so try and think of a creative way to get your audiences engaged and which social channels it will work best on. In a recent PLANOLY article, "How to Prepare a Brand Holiday Influencer Marketing Strategy" we touched on the success of Birchbox's "12 Days of Prizes and Surprises" where they did a giveaway every day for 12 days in December. Something like this could drive tons of engagement and help your brand reach new audiences.

    Keep Things Simple

    The holidays are a hectic time, and because so many brands will be pushing out ads, it's essential that you create a clear plan and requirements when reaching out to influencers. Do you want to build more engagement on your social channels? Do you want to offer a promo code to new audiences? Needing influencers to promote a specific product? Set clear goals for your campaigns and ask yourself how this will differentiate from all the other campaigns and break through the noise. Knowing your end goals will help you choose influencers that can help you reach them.


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