How to Use IGTV for Influencers and Brands

    July 27 2018

    IGTV is such a versatile feature for content creators, whether you use it as your main source of sharing content, or even just as a part of your digital strategy. It's a fantastic way to reach more people and broaden your audience. The creative possibilities are boundless through IGTV because you're not as limited on time - videos can be up to an hour in length! Read on to discover a few tips and tricks for how you should be utilizing this feature as an influencer or brand.

    Using IGTV as an Influencer

    IGTV is an amazing platform for influencers to expand their content landscape, and create more innovative videos. Influencers can easily film, edit, post, and promote long-form content all in one place. In a way, it's the perfect balance between YouTube and Instagram Stories. Read on for a few tips on how to use IGTV for influencers.

    Podcasts IGTV is the perfect medium for influencers interested in dipping their toes in the podcast space. Create an IGTV channel, and upload your podcast episodes right onto IGTV.

    Tutorials & How-to's People love watching tutorials and how-to videos, whether it's for make-up, hairstyles, cooking, fitness, etc. As an influencer, it's a good idea to provide useful information and tutorials for your followers via IGTV. It will keep them coming back for more!

    Product Hauls / Favorite Products Your followers chose to follow you for a reason, and they're interested in the products you love! Whether you got a shipment in from your favorite clothing company, or you want to show your top 5 favorite skincare products at the moment - doing these kinds of videos is an easy and fun way to create fresh content that your audience will love. Blog Breakdowns / Vlogs This is a great way to utilize IGTV and drive traffic back to your blog. Since the content is already written, you can create a simple video highlighting and talking about the main points from your blog post. Whether you add in graphics or words is up to you, but the higher quality you can make it, the better!

    "IGTV is an amazing platform for brands and influencers to expand their content landscape."
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    Influencer IGTV Examples

    Several influencers and bloggers are diving into IGTV to create fun and engaging videos for their audience. We love following along and getting inspired by all of the creative ways they're using the platform. Here are a few that have stood out to us lately: @omandthecity - From videos showing her yoga flow routine to tutorials showing how to recycle old jeans into shorts, Jules from Om and the City does a fantastic job at creating quality content that is both informative and on brand. @sivanayla - Sivan has already done IG Stories so well, so it's no surprise that she's crushing the IGTV content as well. From how she makes her morning chai to a try-on video featuring her baby shower dress options - she continues to create content that is both authentic and entertaining. @martinamartian - Martina is already an extremely creative person (she was the original creator of the IG Story GIF Challenges), so it's no surprise that she's a pro at IGTV. We love her video highlighting her Travel Journal where she talks about how she created it and where she's gone.

    Using IGTV as a Brand

    There are so many different ways that brands can utilize IGTV to engage with their audience and tell a digital story. We love the way brands are starting to jump onboard with IGTV to create content that brings their brand to life. See a few examples for how brands can apply IGTV to their digital strategies.

    Product Launches Advertising just got even more dynamic with IGTV. As a brand, you can now create and upload high-quality video content highlighting new products or campaign launches. Everlane recently produced an IGTV video using content from its #DamnGoodDemin Day photo series. Event Promo Whether you're promoting an event coming up, or showing highlights from a previous event - this is another excellent way to share more content. For instance, Gucci and Louis Vuitton both shared videos from their recent fashion shows for fans who couldn't be there to scope the new collections. Behind-the-Scenes IGTV is a perfect way to humanize your brand by inviting your followers in and showing them #BTS content. IG Stories is also a great way to do this, but IGTV allows more possibilities since the videos can be longer. News While this aspect may not work for all brands, creating a news series is a great way to bring informative content to your audience. Depending on your niche, you can create a news series focusing on pop culture, local or national news, politics, or current events. This type of content will keep your audience coming back for more. TV Shows and Movies IGTV is a great place for TV shows, streaming services, and movies to reveal sneak peeks and create another place for fans to bond. For example, @youngertv uses IGTV to create interviews with the cast and show upcoming scenes.

    "Maintaining authenticity and quality content on IGTV will keep your audience intrigued and engaged."
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    Brand IGTV Examples

    @victoriabeckham - Victoria Beckham has gone from being a pop star to a world-class designer. Her clothing is versatile and elegant, and we love how she's transferring her brand over to IGTV with captivating videos. She recently created a video showing a dress she designed and wore to the royal wedding, which is also available to purchase within her collection. @spell_byronbay - Not only does Spell make gorgeous clothes, but they also create fabulous video content through IGTV. From travel diaries to a video highlighting their bridal collection - their content is beautiful and showcases their clothes in a perfect way. @bbc - BBC is already crushing the IGTV game with tons of educational and informative content. They've created a few videos specifically for IGTV, such as "10 Reasons Why This Was an Unforgettable Year at BBC", but also put clips of news commentary and TV shows. We certainly hope that IGTV doesn't just become a place for Instagram Stories to live, but with all of the innovative content we've seen so far, we have a feeling that won't be the case. Whether you're a brand or an influencer, we hope this article helps you curate content that will connect with your audience! Overall, maintaining authenticity and quality content is what will keep your audience intrigued and engaged. Let us know how you're using IGTV for your content creation!


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