How to Use IG Stories as a Brand: Influencer Takeover

    July 09 2019

    There are several ways that brands can engage with their influencers through the use of IG Stories. Today, we're going to talk about one of the top & best ways to incorporate Influencer Marketing within your IG content: Influencer Takeovers

    The Art of the Influencer Takeover

    Agreeing to an Influencer Takeover for your IG is the perfect way to show a direct connection between your audience, the brand, and the consumer. Partnering with influencers that really love your brand, and can speak to it organically and authentically is a great way of showcasing the benefits of your product and how others can incorporate it into their everyday life. Here at PLANOLY, we love to feature some of our users and partners both on the blog, and via Instagram Takeovers. It's such a fun way to get more interactive with your audience, as well as connect with them on more of a personal level. It's always a great way to showcase both the brand and influencer in an organic and creative way. IG Takeovers are always a win/win in our book! *PLANOLY Pro Tip: Takeovers are the perfect way to maximize your presence on social and reach a larger audience. Not only are you tapping into your audience, but you're tapping into your Influencer's audience as well!

    "Make sure that both the Brand & Influencer are on the same page for the takeover."
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    Below, we're laying out the steps to take in order for your brand to best plan, create, and schedule Influencer Takeovers for your IG Stories.

    6 Steps for an IG Influencer Takeover

    1. LIST Out Questions for the Influencer to Answer - Help them prep for the takeover by creating a list of topics that you'd like for them to cover.
    2. REQUEST Visual Assets - Give each Influencer a clear vision as to what you'd like for them to incorporate within their takeover. Example: certain settings for the takeover (at home showcasing their workspace, their favorite coffee shop or restaurant to work from, etc... )
    3. ACKNOWLEDGE the Deliverables and Deadlines - Make sure that both the Brand and Influencer are on the same page for the takeover, and that each party knows what the specific deadlines and asset timelines are.
    4. GATHER Your Social Handles and Hashtags - Make sure any disclosures of the collaboration are evident within the takeover content by using your brand's desired hashtag, and including all necessary social handles as well.
    5. SCHEDULE the Takeover and Organize the Assets - Set a day and time for the takeover, and set-up the assets for the takeover in the order that you'd like for them to appear on IG Stories.
    6. Let it Go LIVE!

    We hope that the tips above help you elevate and map out Influencer Takeovers for your IG! For more ways in which you can maximize your content and marketing strategy on IG Stories, make sure to check out previous blog posts here: StoriesEdit


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