Video: How to Upload Single and Multi Posts on PLANOLY Mobile and Web

    June 10 2020  |  Tutorials , PLANOLY


    Uploading your images on PLANOLY is easier than ever. 

    Both on web and through our mobile app, PLANOLY allows users to upload single and multi (or carousel) posts seamlessly. Today, we've created a step-by-step visual guide to show you exactly how to quickly and easily upload your images on PLANOLY web and mobile. 

    Upload Single and Multi Posts on PLANOLY

    In our latest video, we offer a very detailed guide on uploading single and multi posts from the comfort of your home at your desktop or while on the go through our mobile app. 

    No matter which works best for you, each of these steps are outlined with in-depth detail. With one quick viewing, you'll be uploading on web and mobile in no time!

    Check out our YouTube video below and start uploading single and multi posts in seconds. You'll be amazed at how easy it is and at how much time you'll save by planning and scheduling your posts on web or mobile. Get started today!

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