How To Stay Creative: Taylor of The Wild Now

    July 20 2016

    At PLANOLY, we're fortunate to be surrounded by amazingly creative individuals in different industries who are from all walks of life. We wanted to sit down with our favorite people and ask them how they stay creative and for advice on how to stay inspired. In our first edition of "How to Stay Creative", we're interviewing the talented Taylor of The Wild Now, a local band from Austin, Texas.

    Introduce yourself

    I am a songwriter, guitar player and singer in a local Austin band called The Wild Now. Every aspect of my life calls for creative energy so I have to take preventative measures to stay creatively inspired. One of my favorite quotes is, "let yourself be silently drawn by the pull of what you really love" by Rumi. For me, this quote epitomizes how our passion and creativity should flow. It should be effortless, natural, and constant. However, with so many distractions in the world today, our creative instincts tend to get pushed aside. I often find myself in a creative lull because I'm constantly busying my mind with work, activities or social media. By the time I have space to focus on creating, I would rather crash in front of Game of Thrones for a few hours.

    Taylor The Wild Now PLANOLY feature

    How do you stay creative?

    Exercise Your Mind. As a songwriter, creativity can strike when I least expect it, but it is also a muscle that needs constant stretching. No matter what your craft is, it's important to maintain a constant flow of creating. Write It Down. Journaling is a huge part of maintaining creative inspiration for me. When I'm working on a new song or even writing an Instagram caption, I often find myself reading back to previous entries or notions that I jotted down a few weeks before.
    Taylor The Wild Now creative interview on PLANOLYConnect With Others. Having conversations with others is a fantastic way to gain inspiration. People are vibrant, thriving, and full of ideas. You never know what ideas could spark from a simple conversation with a friend, colleague or stranger. Embrace the Lull. Creativity comes in waves, and that's part of the beauty of it. Don't be discouraged by writer's block, embrace it and know that something good is right around the corner.

    Escape Your Comfort Zone. Often times, a new spark is born when we go beyond our normal routine. Go see a new band, visit a museum, take a cooking class - do something you've never done before. Having a normal routine is healthy, but I find that creativity strikes when I shake things up. Seek Peace. I am most creatively energized when my mind is clear and uncluttered. It's difficult to force creativity, especially when you're stressed out. Make sure that you're making time for yourself in order to maintain a clear mind. Do yoga, go for a walk, have quiet time in the morning - whatever makes you happy and peaceful. Everyone is different, and what works for some people might not work for others. It's important to figure out what works best for you in order to maintain a steady flow of creativity. Overall, I think most people could use more silence and tranquility. Give your mind space, and watch the creativity unravel.

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