How to Start a Bullet Journal

    January 18 2018

    If you don't know about bullet journaling yet, then you've probably been living under a rock. This old-school approach to organization and planning is becoming wildly popular today! We love the concept because in a world that is so inundated with technology, it's nice to just use a pen and paper every now and then. It's also great because you can completely customize it to fit your scheduling needs; the options are basically limitless. Bullet journaling is a system of note-taking and journaling that combines a few different key terms and 'bullet points' that you can expand on to match your planning preferences. It's unique because it's pretty much a journal, planner, diary, and goal tracker all in one! Read on to find out if this method is for you and to learn more details on how to utilize bullet journaling in your own routine.

    "In a world so inundated with technology, it's nice to just use a pen and paper every now and then."
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    Is It for You?

    Should you bullet journal? If your answer is yes to most of the questions below, then you should definitely try it out!

    • Obsessed with planners?
    • Have tons of to-do's that pop up throughout the day?
    • Love habit-tracking and setting goals?
    • Want to feel more organized?
    • Interested in scrapbooking and stationary?
    • Love calligraphy or drawing?
    • Like writing out to-do lists?
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    How to Use It

    Bullet journaling is based on the method of using bullet points as the main framework. You start with a 'Key' to define all of the symbols that you'll use to mark your tasks, meetings, goals, and whatever else you want to document! From there, you create an 'Index' which is a table of contents that allows you to easily access various pages in your journal. Most people also incorporate a 'Daily Log', 'Monthly Log', 'Rapid Log', and 'Future Log'. You can purchase a journal made specifically for bullet journaling (meaning that it has numbered pages, and pages already designated for various logs), but you can also use any blank, lined grid, or dotted grid journal that you like. For the purpose of adding notes and bullets, it's best to keep them short and sweet. Bullet journaling is great because you can keep track of all aspects of your life in one little book, whether it's upcoming events, books you want to read, shows you're watching, daily routines, exercise goals, and more!

    "Bullet journaling is based on the method of using bullet points as the main framework."
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    The General Layout

    1. Index - Important sections listed out with page numbers
    2. Future Log - Yearlong calendar with big events and dates listed
    3. Monthly Log - Monthly calendar page on one side and a monthly tasks page on the other
    4. Monthly Pages - Add other monthly pages such as a workout tracker, gratitude journal, monthly finances, or habit list
    5. From there, it's really up to you to be creative and add sections based on what you need to keep track of. Some people have a special section for their job to keep track of tasks and dates, you could also have a section for recipes or a list of new restaurants you want to try. The possibilities are endless!

    You can make your bullet journal as artistic and colorful or plain and simple as you like. Don't feel pressured to make it look a certain way just based off of what you see someone else doing. The beauty of bullet journaling is that it's completely customizable, so experiment with different techniques and figure out what works best for you!how to start a bullet journal - PLANOLY - 3


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