How to Stand Out Among the Crowd

    September 19 2019

    Now more than ever, the influencer industry and blogosphere have become highly saturated. Where there once was only a handful of bloggers, there are now thousands in the industry and new ones emerging every day. With the rise of influencers, it means you have to be on point with the content you share with your followers. You also want to find ways to remain authentic, engaging, and relevant in a time where things are continually evolving and shifting. Today, we're going to talk about ways that you can stand out among the crowd and make your content shine!

    "Find ways to remain authentic, engaging, and relevant."
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    5 Ways to Stand Out

    1. Know Your Strengths and Best Attributes - Know your passions, what your strengths are, what you're best at, and run with it! i.e., are you great with recipes and DIY, or are you a pro when it comes to decor, and styling looks? The reason that your followers enjoy coming to your page is that they love what you're all about, what you create, and they love who you are! Focus on your strengths and what makes you unique within the space.
    2. Genuinely Engage with Your Followers - Connect with your followers on a personal level. Get to know who they are, their likes and dislikes, what their background is, and what makes them tick. The more you know about your followers, the better you can tailor your content to them. Which leads me to the next point...
    3. Cater Your Content to Your Audience - This is probably the best piece of advice I received from a podcast a few years back. The most important thing that we can do as content creators is to cater our content to our audience. This will keep them engaged, and will, in turn, allow them to trust you and the content you're sharing with them - making them come back for more each time!
    4. Allow Your Personality to Shine Through - Social Media is the best networking tool, and everyone is always looking for ways to connect with others. Allow your personality to shine through within your content, and draw your followers in by letting them get to know you more. (You can do this by including beautiful imagery and fun templates within your social media posts that serve as a reflection of you.) This will build a genuine and authentic relationship between you and your followers and will have them gravitating towards your content often.Planoly Pro Tip: Beautify your content and take your Instagram Stories to the next level by implementing our many stunning templates on theStoriesEdit App.
    5. Form Authentic Partnerships - Create an organic list of partners for your website to continue generating engaging and genuine content for your followers. This will help you remain relevant in the space, trusted by your readers, and can else build your brand presence among other potential partners.

    "Connect with your followers on a personal level."
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    PLANOLY-Blog-Post-How-to-Stand-Out-Among-the-Crowd-Image-2-2Your followers want to build a relationship and form a connection with you just as much as you want to with them! The best way to stand out among the crowd is to be yourself and let your personality shine through all of your content. Your readers and followers love seeing your content because of who you are and because they feel as though they can relate to you. This, in turn, makes them value you as a trusted source in the space. Continue to build on that by engaging with them regularly, getting to know them more, and paying attention to detail within your imagery and content. All of this will help to take your content to the next level and build up your brand!

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