How to Share Art on Instagram: Kia of Sticks & Ink

    November 08 2017

    Kia Cannons is a master when it comes to marketing her art on Instagram. By creating consistent content, she has curated her own style and has grown a strong brand. Giving value to her audience and presenting everything in an aesthetically pleasing way are two essential Instagram tips that Kia doesn't stray from. Read on to discover more of Kia's marketing advice and how she manages to stay creative in a world where digital takes precedence.

    Describe your Instagram's aesthetic. What are three words that define your brand?

    I relate enormously to the way someone once described one of the Olsen twins who was wearing a pretty white dress, killer heels and a black leather jacket. The fashion journalist wrote something along the lines of 'you wouldn't know whether to take her to dinner or sling her on the back of your motorbike' - I love to evoke that combination of femininity and grit. If I had to pick three words to define my brand it'd be expressive, bright and gritty.

    Sticks and Ink -Planoly Blog - Part 2 - 6
    Sticks and Ink -Planoly Blog - Part 2 - 4

    "If I had to pick three words to define my brand it'd be expressive, bright and gritty." Tweet this.

    Your IG bio says you are an artist and 'accidental' InstaMarketeer. How did you get into that? What type of content do you create for brands and clients?

    After my eBook launched, I found the hunger for that kind of knowledge was huge among my audience, so I started a weekly Tips + Tricks IG post to keep sharing helpful advice. I just love helping people following their life dreams. The content creation is a fairly new string to my bow. I have recently worked with @moo, which is a company I love and shop from all of the time. I recently helped them share the story behind their ingenious new 100% cotton paper. Content creation also gives me the opportunity to flex my other creative muscles; conceptual design, animation, and photography. It's the perfect contrast to my writing and painting!

    You also do Instagram mentoring - describe what type of people you help. What are your best Instagram Marketing tips for creatives trying to grow a strong brand and following?

    I help creatives who are in the early stages of their Instagram journey - people who want to find customers on IG, grow their audience, understand hashtags, and learn the algorithm. My top IG tips for growing creatives are to:

    1. Give value to your audience.
    2. Convey your passion.
    3. Create the best work you possibly can.
    4. Present everything in an aesthetically pleasing way.

    In a world where computers and phones seem to take precedence, what does being a 'creative' mean to you?

    This is such a great question. Being creative means getting to explore all of the things that inspire me. As a visual person, I always notice interesting color combinations, forms, textures, etc. Being creative is also having an actual impetus to follow through on that inspiration and take it somewhere.

    "Being creative means getting to explore all of the things that inspire me."
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    Sticks and Ink -Planoly Blog - Part 2 - 8

    Quickfire Q's

    A typical day in my life looks like, school run, coffee, sketchbook, paint, laptop, coffee, white space, school run, cook, clean, tidy, bathe kids, IG post, read to my boys all bundled up in Mummy's bed together, crash on sofa, laptop, work, tv, acupressure mat + sleep!

    I know my work/life balance is out of whack when

    ...I notice my breathing is shallow and I'm starting to take big deep breaths a lot.

    My favorite thing about being an artist is

    ...the feeling of relaxation, fear, and contentment when I get lost in the state of flow when painting.

    I find inspiration from

    ...forests + beaches.

    When I get done with a painting, I feel

    ...exhausted, grateful, and fulfilled.

    Sticks and Ink -Planoly Blog - Part 2 - 5
    Sticks and Ink -Planoly Blog - Part 2 - 10

    "My top Instagram tip for growing creatives is to give value to your audience."
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