How to Secure Your Instagram Account to Avoid Getting Hacked

    June 02 2019

    As Instagram continues to grow, it becomes more essential to ensure that you're taking necessary precautions to keep your account safe and secure. As we saw in this article from TechCrunch, millions of Instagram influencers recently had their contact data scraped and exposed. There were over 49 million records found on the database before it was discovered and reported. Today on the blog, we'll be giving you several tips on how to keep your Instagram account secure and avoid the risk of getting hacked. Continue reading below to learn more!

    Choose Wisely

    The first step to securing your Instagram account is choosing a strong password. We suggest using a combination of letters (not your name, your pet's name, or anything obvious), punctuation marks (such as * or @), and a variety of around six numbers or so. Also, we know that most people have the same password they use across the board for all logins - however, don't do this! Make sure your Instagram password is different from all of your other passwords on the Internet.

    Keep It Fresh

    It's a good idea to change your password regularly to keep your account safe - every few months is a safe bet. Instagram will let you know if someone is trying to log in to your account or if your password was stolen; in that case, you should change your password not only on Instagram but on your other important login's as well (email, banking, etc.). We know it can be hard to remember your passwords, but luckily there's an app for that! Here are a few amazing apps for helping you keep your passwords safe and in reach: Data Vault, Roboform, and mSecure.

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    Don't Share It

    While this might be an obvious one, there can be certain instances that arise in which you're asked to give your Instagram password (whether that be for work, partnership opportunities, etc.). Think twice before you give your password away unless it's someone you really know and trust. For example, if someone is taking over your Instagram Stories - rather than giving them a password, have them send over their content for you to upload instead. Our Stories Drafts feature on PLANOLY is the perfect tool for Instagram takeovers.

    Two-Factor Authentication

    Instagram has a useful feature called Two-Factor Authentication that you can enable for enhanced security. If Instagram doesn't recognize a device attempting to use your login, you'll get a text and be asked to enter a specific login code or confirm your login attempt. We suggest having this feature on at all times - it can be a gamechanger when it comes to protecting your account from hackers.

    Always Log Out

    While it's perfectly fine to stay logged into your Instagram account on your phone or personal computer, it's key to remember to log out of your account if you've signed in from a different device that's not your own. You never know who will sign on to a public computer next, so protect yourself by not checking the 'Remember Me' box.

    Keep Your Email Secure

    Your email account is just as important when it comes to protecting your Instagram information since it usually allows access to your Instagram account as well. Make sure that you have a solid email password and change it regularly to keep it protected from a security breach. We hope you found these tips to be helpful and make you think twice in the future when it comes to protecting your account information! You can never be too careful, so always take the necessary steps to keep your Instagram safe and secure. It's also a good idea to think twice before authorizing any third-party app. Be prepared, take precautions, and your account will likely avoid getting hacked!


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