eCommerce Marketing Tips: How to Market Your Online Store

    December 28 2020

    eCommerce Marketing Tips #1: Optimize Your Online Store

    Before we jump into promoting, let’s take a step back. We encourage you to ask yourself, “Is my online store completely ready?” A quote that applies perfectly to the importance of having an optimized online store: “You can't build a great building on a weak foundation. You must have a solid foundation if you're going to have a strong superstructure” (Gordon B. Hinckley).

    If your online store isn’t optimized to the best of its ability (a weak foundation), then you’re probably losing potential customers. Create a solid foundation by optimizing your online storefront. Keep in mind, there are so many ways you can do this. To get you started, let’s start with optimizing your product pages. Here are 3 questions to ask yourself:

    Question #1: Are my product pages simple & not distracting? - Create a simple and efficient product browsing experience by arranging the look and feel of your product pages if necessary.

    Question #2: Do my products have simple, catchy, & SEO-friendly titles? - Create concise and SEO-friendly product titles for each product. This will help your product pages rank higher in search!

    Question #3: Are my product images engaging? There’s a reason why “a picture is worth a thousand words'' is such a popular quote. Your product images need to look the best they can be! This helps entice and educate customers on what they’re actually purchasing. 

    Create a travel-sized website with sellit 

    Want an easier way to showcase your products on social media or another digital platform? You can use sellit to effortlessly create an eCommerce website. (Plus, it has a single-click checkout!)

    What is sellit? - Sellit is PLANOLY's selling tool that transforms a selection of your Instagram grid posts into a shoppable gallery. Think of it as a travel-sized website. You can use it on its own or use it to complement your eCommerce store. (Click here to learn more).

    If you already have sellit, here are 5 ways on how to best optimize your storefront:

    #1: Add an enticing or direct description to your sellit storefront

    #2: Utilize the feature section to highlight 3 top products or posts

    #3: Write and provide a product description for each of your products

    #4: Utilize the two customizable buttons to redirect customers to any URL (like your website or contact form!)

    #5: Take advantage of both your grid and products view to highlight your Instagram posts & products

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    eCommerce Marketing Tips #2: Share Your URL (Almost) Everywhere

    Give your eCommerce store a digital footprint by sharing it everywhere! (Well, almost everywhere! Still be strategic). Share the URL to your online store on multiple online platforms to gain traffic (and more customers!). Featured below are 5 ideas:

    #1 - Social media bios - Do not underrate this one! Consider it “a must” to feature your URL on all your social platforms. 

    #2 - Newsletter - Create CTA buttons and enticing graphics, and then hyperlink each to your URL.

    #3 - Email signature - Feature your URL on your email signature (and ask your employees to do the same!).

    #4 - Twitter chats -  Join in on a weekly Twitter chat related to your industry. Drop-in your URL when appropriate to gain new customers.

    #5 - Networking groups - Join networking groups like Facebook’s Community Conversations and Boost with Facebook to network with other business owners (and share your URL when appropriate!).

    eCommerce Marketing Tips #3: Create Assets That Redirect to Your Online Store

    From guest blog posts to social content, there’s a lot of different types of assets you can create. (Just make sure each asset redirects your customers to your eCommerce store!). Need some ideas? We got 3 featured below for you:

    Idea #1 - Instagram Stories (+ use StoriesEdit templates) - Create Instagram Stories to showcase new products, behind the scenes (like packing orders!), or a sneak peek into your workspace. If you have over 10,000+ followers on Instagram, don’t forget to utilize the swipe up feature! This will allow you to redirect your followers to your eCommerce store. Use our design app, StoriesEdit, to quickly create social content from a selection of over 300 designer templates. 

    PLANOLY Pro-Tip: Save each Instagram story to a highlight so your followers can view your stories multiple times. (Click here to watch video tutorials on how to upload and schedule stories with Stories Planner)

    Idea #2 - Guest blog posts - When you write a guest blog post, you’re opening the door to gaining more potential customers! Include the URL to your eCommerce storefront in the blog post at least once (or multiple times, if appropriate!).

    Idea #3 - Video content - It’s no surprise video content is considered captivating content. Create anything from a video advertisement for social media to a product demo for TikTok and link to your online store. (Click here to learn 7 steps of creating a captivating campaign)

    PLANOLY Pro-Tip: If you have sellit, use your storefront grid as a way to highlight a lookbook, inspo board, or to tell a visual story that represents your brand voice.

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    PLANOLY - Blog Post - Market Your Online Store - Image 1

    eCommerce Marketing Tips #4: Launch Mini (or Big) Campaigns

    Promote your online store by creating dedicated campaigns. Make sure your campaign materials redirect to your eCommerce store. Try out different types of campaigns (+ on different platforms) to see which ones are working the best for your business. Need some ideas? We have 3 for you! 

    Idea #1 - Utilize Facebook and Instagram advertisements - Remember: you can make this as cheap or expensive as you’d like! 

    Idea #2 - Work with micro, nano, or local influencers - Have influencers share with their social media followers about your products in a natural and targeted way. (Make sure they share your online store URL!)

    Idea #3 - Create dedicated Pins (with Pin Planner!) - Did you know our product Pin Planner has a feature that lets you create a series of dedicated Pins for Pinterest? (Plus, they publish automatically!) This is a paid PLANOLY feature and it’s called Campaigns

    Using Campaigns is a great resource because you can redirect users back to your online store for each Pin featured in your campaign. (Upgrade here to start using Campaigns today!)

    eCommerce Marketing Tips #5: Offer Promo Codes to Existing & Prospective Customers

    We are living in the age of promo codes! Whether you offer free shipping or discount a set amount, promo codes are a great way to help drive traffic to your online store. You can even use them to test the performance of each of your social channels. Create a different promo code per channel, measure the performance of each, and then compare. Here are 3 types of promo codes to offer your customers:

    Idea #1 -  Promo codes for loyal customers - Create a promo code to thank your current customers! Create an email and send it out to reward your most loyal fans. Or you could even include it on a shipping confirmation email!

    Idea #2 - Promo codes for seasonal offers -  Offer a seasonal promo code to celebrate the holiday season or any seasonal event. You can promote this promo code on social media or with email marketing.

    Idea #3 - Promo codes for special events - Hosting an event, Instagram live, or webinar soon? Thank your customers for attending by offering a promo code in a post-event or webinar email.

    PLANOLY Pro-Tip: You now can offer promo codes to your customers on sellit! With its latest feature, coupons, you can create, manage, and track promo codes in sellit. (Click here to learn more!)

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    There you have it! You now know 5 tips plus much more on how to best position and better market your online store. Test out a few of these ideas, tweak them when you see results, and continue to improve your eCommerce marketing.

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