How to Plan Solo as a Small Business

    March 30 2016

    The challenges that face small business owners everywhere vary based on many external factors. But like all new (and even growing) companies, many people often start with the bare minimum - and more specifically many businesses first begin with one person at the helm, myself included. If I've learned anything in maintaining both The Style Line and our newly launched subsidiary company CONNECT(ED)ITORIAL it is that running the show solo provides a unique set of both pros and cons. Luckily running (two) online/digital-centric businesses, have allowed for the opportunity to utilize tools specially suited for these kinds of needs. (read: PLANOLY!). With this in mind, here are a few things that (me, myself and I) have learned... Here's how to plan solo as a small business owner.

    Slow and steady:

    From media companies to e-commerce, for any digital business it's easy to fall victim to constantly pushing out content, promotions and other pertinent initiatives. It's important to remember that diligence is everything. I've found this to be especially true when you're the one actually producing and publishing content. Luckily tools like Planoly allow for different approaches depending on your work style - for example the grid view allows you to preview what your actual Instagram feed will look like prior to publishing. This may sound like a small thing, but it's all in the details right?

    Small businesses can cultivate big ideas:

    What I really admire about whatPlanoly is building, is their unwavering commitment to empowering brands and content creators to have more time and ability to work on their own terms. When first starting up it's almost assumed that resources are limited. Despite this, having involvement in every aspect of your creative content really allows a solo business owner to get to know their brand and in turn, inspire big ideas that can be executed later on in the picture...

    Learning Curve:

    Speaking more to the above, while it may be a daunting task, enduring the challenges of planning content (and big picture initiatives for your business) create an even bigger opportunity for learning. It's important to take this time for independence and learn what works best for you and your content and that way you're better able to delegate to others down the line.

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