6 Tips to Prepare Content for the Holidays as a Blogger

    October 11 2017

    Planning ahead is always better, especially when it comes to the holidays. We're going to break down why, as an influencer, you should have all of your holiday planning done before Halloween! The holiday season is the highest grossing time for retailers, and so it should be the same for influencers. Use this time to prep and line all of your ducks in a row so that you'll profit as much as possible!

    Plan Out Your Blog Content

    To not feel overwhelmed, break down your entire plan into separate blog posts. We suggest categorizing your posts by holidays and then breaking those down even more. Keep in mind that creating the right type of content is essential to drive more traffic to your site. What you choose depends on your blog focus and niche, but tutorials (i.e., How to Dress for an Office Christmas Party) typically attract high search traffic, so keep that in mind. Think about what your followers would be interested in seeing, and create your content based off of that. You can even ask for feedback from your followers via IG Stories! Below are some suggestions of the different topics you can cover:

      • How to Create the Perfect Casual Fall Look
      • What to Wear for Thanksgiving
      • How to Find the Best Black Friday Sales
      • How to Shop Winter Coats for Less
      • How to Dress for Christmas Day
      • Holiday Gift Guides
      • How to Dress for Holiday Parties
      • Favorite Boots for the Holidays
      • Best Winter Workout Clothes
      • D.I.Y Halloween Costumes

    Planning early means you'll have plenty of time to take photos and gather your content. If you don't have the resources to do a photoshoot for every blog post, we suggest using a website such as Polyvore to create collages of looks that your followers can shop.

    "Being able to visualize your plan will make it easier to accomplish."
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    6 Tips to Prepare Content for the Holidays as a Blogger - PLANOLY Blog 2

    1. Write it Down

    Once you've picked your topics that you'll be covering during the holidays, write down a to-do list and write everything out on a calendar. Being able to visualize your plan will make it that much easier to accomplish. Make sure you give yourself realistic goals and have everything ready and set to post by Halloween. This way, you can start rolling out content and start thinking about your campaigns for the new year before it sneaks up on you.

    2. Brand Collaborations

    Another upside to getting an early start on your holiday planning means that you have a higher chance of setting up brand collaborations. Most brands have their holiday campaigns planned out about 6-7 months in advance, so it's a good idea to reach out even earlier to put yourself on their radar. Make sure that the brands you're reaching out to are in line with your voice and vibe.

    3. Check Availability

    When making your list of products that you'll be talking about in your blog, it's crucial to check the availability of those items – not only before but also throughout the holidays. It's typical for popular items to sell out, and the last thing you want is your followers clicking on a bunch of links for products that are unavailable. If a product is sold out, offer similar items in the same price range as a substitute!

    4. Tis the Season for Sales

    Utilize your e-mail list during the holidays and offer your followers special discounts! Whether you're a company selling goods or a blogger with a discount code for a brand, offering a deal will catch your audience's attention. Make sure that you post coupons on all of your social media channels as well – people are always looking for discounts during the holiday since their shopping list is long.

    5. Utilize PLANOLY's Features

    Planoly has so many helpful features to make it easier for you to organize your content, schedule, and plan! When you've picked out products for upcoming holiday blog posts, you can plan out your IG Stories ahead of time on PLANOLY to feature those items. Be creative and fun with your IG Stories! Sprinkle in some videos of you (not just products) to make it more personalized for your followers, whether you're holiday shopping, baking, working, or showing a favorite fall outfit. When it comes to scheduling IG posts, you can use our Drafts feature to save all of your images in separate Drafts folders. Name each one according to the blog post topic, add the content, and easily schedule them onto your grid!

    6. Promote Your Content

    Continue to promote your content throughout the holidays! Even if it's a post you've already published, keep sharing different detail shots to keep it fresh for your follower's eyes. We suggest being creative through IG Stories and adding product links if you can. You should also be posting on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, and all social platforms. Check your analytics throughout the holiday season to see which posts are performing better. That way, you'll know what your audience is responding to, and this will help you with content ideas in the future. Pro Tip:Always remind your followers to click your link in bio for more details and use hashtags to ensure your post is getting exposure.

    "Take away the stress of the holidays for you and your followers by planning ahead!"
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    Take away the stress of the holidays for you and your followers by planning ahead! Follow these easy and accessible tips to create the best holiday content that your audience will adore. You'll feel so organized and free from worry knowing that all of your content is ready to share by Halloween. You'll even have time to sit back and enjoy a glass of champagne with your family and friends. Cheers to planning!


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