How to Maximize Engagement Through Instagram Stories

    June 11 2019

    The rise of Instagram Stories has brought with it a new way of engaging with our audience. It's allowed us to connect with our followers in a way that promotes true authenticity and more of a behind the scenes look into our everyday life. With capabilities like sharing videos, creating polls, including Q&A's, the "go live" feature, and incorporating IGTV... this new way of engaging is like none-other out there, and there's no stopping it anytime soon! Which is why it's great to look at different ways that you can maximize each of the features above to fully engage and connect with your audience. Our new StoriesEdit app is the perfect way to take these features to the next-level by creating thoughtfully designed Instagram Stories as a visual foundation for more engaging content. Choose a template, customize the colors to match your brand, and add photos or videos to design gorgeous Instagram Stories with ease. When your Stories look amazing as well as having engaging features on them such as polls or Q&A's, your audience will take notice and keep coming back for more! *PLANOLY Pro Tip* Don't forget the post sharing option! Place a recent post from your Instagram feed within your Stories in order to bring more engagement to your grid.

    We're going to dive into those five features below and examples to maximize on each:

    1. Sharing Videos: new products, favorite finds, event recaps, photoshoot fun
    2. Creating Polls: poll your audience for new content ideas, asking for their opinion or preference on topics, posts, styled related Q's and more
    3. Including Q&A's: ask your audience a specific question, share their answers (this is always a great way to bring more engagement among your followers), create blog posts based on their answers
    4. "Go Live" Feature: live Q&As, cooking at home, fitness/workout sessions
    5. Incorporating IGTV: beauty tutorials, photoshoots, home tours, brand takeovers

    "Get as creative as possible when you're planning content for Instagram Stories!"
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    PLANOLY-Blog-Post-How-to-Maximize-Engagement-Through-Instagram-Stories-Image-1-2*PLANOLY Pro Tip* Get as creative as possible when you're planning content for Instagram Stories! It's such a fun way to connect with your audience, and the more fun that you have on Stories, the more your followers will want to continue watching! The most important thing to keep in mind whenever you want to maximize your engagement through IG Stories is to keep your content fresh and fun. Creating new and exciting content for your audience to frequently engage with is the best way to ensure that they will keep returning to your account time and time again. Your Instagram grid is perfect for sharing the most memorable moments, but your Stories are the ideal way to share a glimpse into your life and what makes you, YOU. Don't forget to tag us when you post Instagram Stories using StoriesEdit so we can see all of the creative ways you're planning out your content (and for a chance for us to repost). We hope these tips will help you when it comes to planning fun and authentic Instagram Stories that continue to grow your engagement!


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