How to Improve Your "About Me" Page

    July 06 2018

    How to Improve Your "About Me" Page

    July 06 2018  |  Best Practices


    If you're a blogger, creative, or small business owner, then you've had to create an "About Me/Us" page at some point. It's the page that can be the most intimidating - how do you describe who you are, what you do, and why people should hire you or purchase from your company without writing a novel? It's the very first place on your website your audience visits to get to know you or your brand. We know writing about yourself can be incredibly difficult, so we wanted to share some advice on how to improve your current "About Me" page on your website or blog. As a bonus, we've even created a helpful worksheet for you to fill out at the end.

    1. What Is It That You Do?

    It's incredibly important to communicate exactly what you do on your 'About' page. This information should be stated in the very first paragraph — think about how you would describe yourself and how you would like your audience to describe you or your brand. Think about the tone you want to establish with your audience as well; if you want to connect with your audience, then write your about page as if you were speaking directly to them.

    "It's incredibly important to communicate exactly what you do on your 'About' page."
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    2. Who Are You?

    Your audience wants to get to know the person behind the blog or the brand, so share your story in a captivating manner. If you're a blogger, get personal with your audience and let them know why you started blogging in the first place, remember only to share information that you're comfortable with sharing. For businesses, talk about how you established your business and why did you start it. What makes you unique? Share what your customers can expect from your brand.

    3. Let Your Personality Shine

    Don't be afraid of showing a bit of who you are within your writing. Remember that this is the first stop your audience will go to to get to know you, so let them. Share some facts you want your audience to know, think about topics that would spark their interest or perhaps something that they could relate to. If your a fashion blogger, share what your favorite brands are or what your go-to outfit might be. Again, provide them with an in-depth description of who you are.

    "Don't be afraid of showing a bit of who you are within your writing."
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    4. Keep It Short & Sweet

    As much as you might want to share, it's important not to overwhelm your audience with too much information (even if it's exceptionally written). Be strategic with your words. A great tip is to think of your about page as an informal interview — if you were applying for a job, you wouldn't start sharing ten random facts about yourself or ramble on about your childhood; therefore, you shouldn't tackle your about page in this manner either.

    5. Make Sure Your Graphics Match Your Copy

    While what you write for your 'About' page matters, so do the visuals you provide to accompany your words. Make sure you're not sharing an iPhone picture you took on vacation and think about how you visually want to present yourself. This might mean hiring a photographer to assist you, or you can always take some images yourself (check out this blog post for tips about shooting images yourself). Just make sure your photographs are high-quality images and tell the story you want to share. If you're a business with employees, you might want to feature your team on your about page, this way your audience can get to know who makes up your brand.

    "While what you write for your 'About' page matters, so do the visuals you provide to accompany your words."
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    Download the Worksheet

    Because we know it can be challenging to tackle your about page yourself, we created this worksheet for you to print and fill out on your own time. Use your answers to the worksheet as a general outline for your about page. Click here to download the worksheet here!


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