How to Implement Your Strategies for 2019

    December 21 2018

    It's time to talk strategy! We want to make sure that you're all set up with everything that you need to have 2019 be your best year YET! From content strategy tips to a downloadable monthly worksheet, and all the tools in between that you'll need to plan your strategy implementation perfectly... We're here to give you the complete 411! So get excited, and let's dive in! There are several ways in which you can begin to implement your strategies for the new year. It's great to start by creating a layout or list of the things that you want to strategize about or aim towards. Are you looking for more brand partnerships in the new year, do you want to collaborate more with influencers, or are you wanting to revamp your website, and create more content on social? We're here to help you streamline all of those ideas and strategies for the new year by doing what we do best, helping you plan for them! *PLANOLY Pro Tip - Make a list of the things that you want to work on and strategize for in the new year by creating a timeline or roadmap. This will help you to visualize everything as well as aid in the implementation of your future goals. For brands and influencers alike, it's great to come up with a strategy implementation game plan for everything that you want to or hope to do during the year. This can include everything from content planning and social sharing strategies, to collaborations, and so much more! As an influencer, whenever I'm planning out content and strategizing for the year to come, I like to break everything down by month. This allows me to navigate around everything that I want to work on easily. I then like to break it down into five different categories within each month:

    1. Objectives: What your goals are for 2019? What do you want to accomplish?
    2. Type of Content: What kind of content would you like to share each month? For Brands: giveaways, holiday sales, events, promos, partnerships, ... For Influencers: collaborations, travel, style, giveaways, etc.
    3. Sharing Platforms: Which platforms do you want to share your content on: (Facebook, Instagram, Blog, Website, Twitter)
    4. Partnerships/Collaborations: Types of companies, influencers, brands that you would like to work and partner within the new year.
    5. Social Media Strategy: What do you want to share within each post on social? Which relevant hashtags, what type of links, downloadables, etc... ?

    *PLANOLY Pro Tip - Listing things out helps you to stay organized! You can visually check things off as you go, and have a month-to-month plan for the year ahead. What would you include on your 2019 Strategy Worksheet? (You can start filling out your own for the new year by clicking the download button below!)

    Download Our 2019 Strategy Worksheet Here



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