How to Filter and Star Direct Messages on Instagram

    May 01 2018  |  Tutorials , News


    Instagram has added a new feature for direct messaging - you can now star and filter direct messages! It's a simple feature, but can help immensely when it comes to organizing and keeping up with messages and responses. We've had a feature like this on the PLANOLY app and web dashboard, but for comment management. This new direct messaging feature allows users to filter messages by inbox, unread, or starred; which is extremely helpful for influencers and businesses with a large influx of messages coming through. You can easily star messages that you need to revisit at a later time, so you won't forget about it or lose it in your inbox!

    How to Star Your Direct Messages

    1. Go to your direct message screen on Instagram.
    2. Either swipe left on the desired message to star OR click on the message and select the star in the top right corner.
    3. You can unstar messages the same way.

    How to Filter Messages

    1. Open up direct messages on Instagram.
    2. Tap on the filter icon in the top right. You have the option to select inbox, unread, or starred.
    3. Inbox is your standard chronological inbox, unread shows only messages that you haven't opened yet, and starred only shows messages you've starred (or "flagged").

    How to Filter and Star Direct Messages on Instagram - PLANOLY - 1How to Filter and Star Direct Messages on Instagram - PLANOLY - 2Whether it's feedback from customers, inquiries from influencers, brand collaborations, or even just a funny meme from a friend - there can be a lot of traffic in your Instagram DM box. Luckily, this new feature makes that traffic a bit more manageable. For instance, if you can't immediately respond, you can star messages as a reminder to follow up later. We love anything that makes it easier to keep track of our digital presence - and in this case that means staying on top of everyone sliding into our DM's. It's especially helpful for users whose inboxes are flooded and overwhelming. Let us know how you're utilizing this new feature and if you have any tips or favorite ways to use it!

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