How to Engage with Your Audience

    February 18 2018

    For a brand or influencer, curating a loyal audience and learning who your following is can be a difficult thing to maneuver and overcome. However, once you do build a following that you truly understand and know, it's key to engage with them and maintain a fluid conversation. Nobody wants to follow a it's essential to remain human and not hide behind a brand or sponsored post. If you have a brand, make sure that it stays human; and if you're an influencer, ensure that you stay relatable and real. Once you've mastered that, you have to continue to spark interest with your followers, and keep them captivated and engaged. Read on to find out our top tips for staying connected and on track with your audience.

    Take It Offline

    We know...Instagram is where it's's digital. Do you really need to make an effort offline with your audience? The answer is yes. If you want to grow with your followers, get to know them, and maintain their interest in your brand, then offline events can be extremely beneficial! A few ways to do this would be to team up with local brands you love to throw events that you can invite your followers to. If you're traveling to a new city, post about it on your IG Stories and organize a meet-up at a cute coffee shop. You can even throw monthly get-togethers in your own city to get to know your followers and build relationships. Adding offline events into your strategy will go a long way with your audience - real-life relationships and connections are always more lasting and meaningful than anything digital.

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    Start a Conversation

    It might be obvious, but the best way to connect with your followers is to spark a conversation or ask a question. We love using Instagram Stories to get to know our followers more. Use the 'Poll' feature to ask questions about what content they'd like to see, their favorite blog posts to read, or even demographic questions! You can take it a step further and create a longer questionnaire that they can fill out on your blog or website. The more you know about your readers, the more you'll know about what content you should be creating. It makes your job easier and your content more interesting for your followers. When you create content that your followers love, your engagement is only going to grow and skyrocket.

    Make it Fun

    A great way to peak your audience's interest and get their attention is by hosting contests with specially curated items that they can win! It's even better if you give away items that you often post about and love. They follow you for a reason, so it's important to promote products that you truly believe in and trust. Everyone loves winning free stuff, so doing giveaways is the perfect way to engage with your followers. Make it interesting by asking them to leave a comment in the contest post with a fun fact about themselves.

    Be Intentional With Your Newsletter

    Nobody likes to be spammed, so when it comes to the newsletter that you send out to your subscribers...make it count! You know your audience better than anyone else; you know what they will enjoy reading, and what they won't. Don't be lazy about the content that you create - make it enthralling and useful. If it's boring or bland, people will unsubscribe. Make sure that your subject line captures your audience and corresponds to the content within the newsletter. It's a good idea to highlight content or a blog post that you've recently published, and you can always reuse old content or tips that you haven't shared in a long time. You know whether your audience likes short copy or longer, descriptive writing - make sure that you keep it consistent. Newsletters are also the perfect place to share big news or personal struggles to connect with your audience and keep them in the loop. Keep it interesting and include fun graphics or imagery to make it more compelling! There are so many reasons to ensure that you have an engaged audience on Instagram. First of all, it's way more fun when your audience is interested and responsive to your content, more opportunities will come when you have an active audience, and brands or collaborators always look for an engaged audience when deciding on what influencers to work with! We hope these tips will help you grow more with your following by keeping them activated and entertained. It all comes down to being yourself - that's why they followed you in the first place!


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