How to Duet on TikTok & Trends to Try as an SMB

    July 13 2022

    TikTok is always adding features to increase user engagement and content capabilities on its app. However, one of the most popular video features has been around since the app’s early days! TikTok’s Duets feature allows users to build on other user’s videos and record side by side videos. It’s a creative way to interact, create and collaborate directly in the app. This feature has evolved over the years and now has four new layouts available for creating fun videos. 

    What Are TikTok Duets? 

    TikTok Duets have four video format options you can select from: a left and right layout (side-by-side), react layout, top and bottom layout (up and down), and three screen layout (more than two videos). These formats allow users to interact with already published content and use it to create new content. 

     Worried someone will use your TikTok video and make a Duet? You have the option to disable the Duet feature for your videos so others cannot use them. If you decide to share your content, rest assured that your account name will be attributed in the video and it will link back to your original video. It’s a great way to get discovered and reach a wider audience. 

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    Here’s How to Create a Duet on TikTok:

    1. Find a video on TikTok that is already recorded and that allows you to Duet with it.  
    2. Press the "Send to" button at the bottom right of the video.
    3. Press the "Duet" button.
    4. Select your Duet layout which you can find in the editing tools. 
    5. Start recording and have fun!

    Looking for some inspiration? Check out these fun, and profitable Duet concepts that are performing very well on TikTok.

    TikTok Duet Video Content Ideas

    Just For Fun - Midnight Scrolling Laughter

    Here is a top and bottom layout in action. In this video, the user recorded a cashier in a red shirt and cropped the video in the bottom frame. Then, they put their dog in a red shirt and recorded them in the top frame. This gave the appearance that the dog was the cashier. 

    Don’t forget your hashtags! 

    @zackcosby #duet with @amberylee77 fastest cashier in all the land 🤣🤣 #fyp #foryou #funny #pugsoftiktok ♬ Cashier Challenge - Amber


    We Mean Business - A Duet Contest

    Duets are fun, though they can be beneficial for small businesses as well! Here’s an example of a brand, Puma, using TikTok as a way to gain brand recognition and engage with the audience. A barista started it all by making a Puma logo design on a coffee. The video performed very well and Puma jumped in the action. Here’s an example of the “Can you recreate the Puma logo like @1leogonzalez” challenge.

    @puma 🚨BAKERS, ARTISTS, & BARISTAS🚨 Can you recreate the PUMA logo like @1leogonzalez ♬ TWINS - Kaygon


    If you want to learn more about TikTok, download our new Video Strategy Guide. Learn the ins and outs of each platforms and our favorite hacks for outsmarting the algorithms. 



    Why Small Businesses Should Duet

    The power of video is undeniable and the power of Duets multiples your efforts. By creating fun Duets, you increase your audience with each person that uses your original content. It’s a great way to boost engagement and following. Another reason this strategy works is because it is memorable. People do not often talk about basic advertisements they see online. However, they talk about videos, especially when they are engaged in them. The Duet content possibilities are endless! Post something for fun, start a challenge, use Duets as a way to teach how to use your product, and more.

    Before posting a Duet, know that once it is posted, it cannot be edited. All of your editing is done while you are recording and before you publish the video. If you are new to TikTok and want to learn the basics before recording your first Duet, Danielle Townsly, PLANOLY’s Social Media Manager has all the top tips for you. From how to set up your account to creating your first video, her blog post will get you up and running in minutes! 

    Follow all of the steps in this post, and you’ll be creating engaging, relatable Duets on TikTok in no time!

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