How to Create Better Instagram Stories Using Templates

    September 17 2018

    Ever wondered how brands or influencers create those beautiful graphics they utilize to share their content on their Instagram Stories? Well, we're spilling the secrets on how to up your Instagram Stories game with the use of Instagram Story Templates - we even created a few customizable templates that you can download for FREE today to get you started. Before we cover what Instagram Story templates are - if you need a little recap about what Instagram Stories are and why they're essential for any brand or influencer to utilize check out our previous blog post where we cover this.

    "We're spilling the secrets on how to up your Instagram Stories game with the use of Instagram Story Templates."
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    What Are They and Why Should You Utilize Them?

    Instagram Stories templates are essentially pre-made graphics that adhere to the IG story image guidelines (usually they're in a 9x16 format) that can be easily customized. By incorporating the use of templates into your Instagram Stories, you're able to create a sense of cohesion for your content. This ensures that the videos and images you share on your Instagram Stories remain on brand with the rest of Instagram feed, which is incredibly important if you're a brand or influencer. Utilizing templates can also save you time in the long run, simply because you're able to reuse the same designs with new content you create. Trust us, it'll save you the headache of creating new graphics for your Instagram Stories every single time you post and if you want to share any of your content from your Instagram Stories in your highlights you can be sure everything will look great together. We love the templates @the.wing utilizes for their Instagram Stories - they're perfectly branded since they utilize their brand's color palette for the templates, easy to read, and well thought out to complement the content they share. @witanddelight_ is also a perfect example of how you can create on brand templates to share your content on your brand's Instagram Stories. We really love the way they utilize graphic elements (like their hand-drawn tape) to add a creative touch to their templates. Another thing to notice about their designs is their logo which is placed at the very bottom of their templates.

    How to Create Your Own Instagram Stories Templates

    While it might seem a bit intimidating to design and create your own templates for your Instagram Stories, we're here to assure you that it's far less intimidating than it might seem. In reality, you can create beautiful templates for your Instagram account all on your phone by downloading a few popular apps. A current popular app among influencers and brands is Unfold which allows it's users to utilize different borders and texts to create customized Instagram Stories graphics. Another app that's pretty popular is Adobe Spark Post which allows for more customization in comparison to Unfold - you can edit the background color of the templates, change the font, and so much more all within the comfort of your phone. You can even browse designs that others have created for inspiration. If you're interested in creating high-quality templates for your Instagram Stories we highly suggest utilizing Adobe Photoshop to accomplish this. If you know your way around photoshop, this will be a breeze but if you're just starting out be sure to set some time aside to familiarize yourself with the program first. In general, you'll want your template to be: 9x16 inches at 300dpi and save your file as a JPEG or PNG file. *Make sure your file is saved in RGB and not CMYK. As we mentioned above, we've designed a few templates for your to download for FREE to get you started (see download links below). These templates are intended to be utilized with Adobe Photoshop and they can be easily customized to fit nearly any brand aesthetic by changing up the fonts/colors of the templates - and no need to worry, we included some helpful instructions on how to customize the files. Check out our detailed instructions here to help you get started!

    Things to Consider Before Designing Your Templates

    Now before you start designing your own templates, it's important to ask yourself a few questions regarding each template you're going to create such as: 1. What is its purpose? Are you promoting something? Sharing an inspirational quote? | You'll want to create different templates to promote blog posts, products, and videos. That way you're able to have some variety within your templates and your followers can start associating specific templates you share with your content. 2. Is it on brand? | It's essential to keep in mind your brand's color palette when designing your templates. Take any branded graphics such as logos, secondary logos, watermarks into consideration as well. If you're a brand or company, you might want to add your logo or username near the very bottom of the graphic. 3. Is it functional? | If you're sharing a link and utilizing the "swipe up" feature on your Instagram Stories, does the template you're creating take into account the space where the "swipe up" feature will appear? Is your username at the top of the screen covering any important elements in the template? 4. Is it designed well? | While you might want to go a little crazy with adding graphics and bright colors, unless that's a part of your branding you'll want to steer clear of overpowering your content. Remember, the entire reason you're creating a template for your Instagram Stories is to share and promote your content, so keep things simple, clean, and allow your content to steal the show. 5. Templates aren't just for photos | That's right, you can create Instagram Stories templates for your videos as well. If you decide to do this, you'll need to download some kind of app that allows you to place a video over an image such as InShot. If your video is longer than 15 seconds, you'll also need to download an app to split your video into to 15 second videos so you can post them in order like the app Continual.

    "Create different templates to promote blog posts, products, and videos."
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    Download Our Free Instagram Story Templates

    Set OneSet TwoSet Three With a little bit of practice, we're sure you'll become a total pro at creating templates for your Instagram stories. If you end up utilizing any of our templates, be sure to tag us so we can see!


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