How to Create an Amazing Client Experience on Instagram

    August 15 2017

    Stop for a moment and consider your brand. Do people have a positive experience while scrolling through your Instagram? Does your content reflect your brand identity? All of this leads to a successful Client Experience, which is the entire experience that your brand provides to a potential or existing customer. The goal is to create the best, most memorable experience so that your customers come back and even more, share your brand with others as well. We recently co-hosted #TuesdaysTogether in Austin with The Rising Tide Society to discuss the importance of Client Experience on Instagram. Over 85 people attended the event, ranging from entrepreneurs, small business owners, photographers, and more! The Rising Tide Society is an international creative entrepreneur community, and they meet every month to gather, learn, encourage and build relationships. Our founder, Brandy Pham, spoke at the event on the topic of Client Experience and all of the elements that go into that. We're going to dive deeper into the topic and give you tips on how to ensure your Instagram presence produces the best Client Experience.

    Thoughtful Branding Matters

    Good branding is an essential part of a positive Client Experience. If someone visits your Instagram, having a beautiful and strong brand image will make them want to come back. When your content reflects who you are as a brand, your followers will have a better understanding of your image and purpose. Think of Instagram as an online portfolio that is constantly growing.

    How to Brand Your Grid

    1. Capture the fleeting attention span of an Instagram user. You have 3 seconds or less to get someone's attention when they're quickly scrolling through their feed. 80% of users follow at least one or more brand on IG.
    2. Make sure your content has a cohesive style. This will help to set you apart from other brands and will ensure that your brand messaging is on target. Your followers should be able to recognize your posts before they even read your IG handle.
    3. Look beyond the image - captions matter too! Developing a 'voice' is a great way to show your followers who you are and curate your brand. Whether you're sarcastic and funny or serious and thoughtful - try to stay within that voice and be authentic!
    4. It takes time to build up a visually engaging stream of content, but it's worth it to have a consistent grid that looks professional and put-together. Your followers will gain more trust in your brand when they see your consistency and expertise.

    Use Planoly to create a fluid grid and bring your brand to life on Instagram. Plan your grid using our drag and drop feature, upload videos, split images, and more. Planning out your grid will take your curated images to the next level and increase engagement!

    How to Create an Amazing Client Experience on Instagram - PLANOLY Blog 9
    How to Create an Amazing Client Experience on Instagram - PLANOLY Blog 8

    Sharing Stories IRL

    Another important part of giving your followers a positive client experience is to keep it real, and Instagram Stories makes this super easy! Users and brands alike are quickly adopting this new form of expression on Instagram by giving their followers BTS (behind the scenes) looks, instructional videos, everyday moments, bloopers and more. It's a place to let your guard down and share things that wouldn't make it onto your perfectly curated grid.

    • Perfection is not relatable on a personal level - so while having a gorgeous aesthetic matters, showing that you're a real human is equally as important. Show your followers your personality!
    • Your followers want to see the good, the bad, and the ugly. Show them BTS shots and how you navigate through tough situations.
    • Be in the moment. We suggest recording your IG Stories, saving them to your Camera Roll and using Planoly's IG Stories planner to share them at a later time. That way, if you're with a client, you can capture beautiful moments while being more present with them!

    Stay Connected

    • Replying to your followers on Instagram Stories is the most intimate type of interaction you can have on Instagram. It can be time-consuming but it is so impactful in creating a great client experience for your followers.
    • Set aside time every day to read through your direct messages and reply. If you see a recurring question, that's great inspiration for a new blog post!
    • Planoly's Comment Manager on the web dashboard or mobile app is perfect for managing and replying to IG comments.

    There you have it! It really doesn't take a lot of effort to ensure that you're creating an incredible client experience for your followers on Instagram - it's all about staying consistent with your content, communicating with your followers, and staying true to yourself.


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