How to Brand Your Bakery Business with Jonathan Caleb

    August 13 2017

    If you have a business today, social media presence is one of the most important factors for success - especially if you're selling a tangible product. Jonathan Caleb has mastered this aspect of his business with a delectable Instagram grid. He knows his brand and stays consistent with it. Read on to find out how Jonathan continually remains inspired by mixing sweet treats with an incredible design element!

    We love your Instagram! Has Social Media played a role in your company's success?

    Thank you! Yes! Social media has played a huge roll in my business since day one. My business was born on Instagram in a way. Social media allows me to showcase my products and put my work on display. I see it as a living portfolio that is always growing and changing.

    How do you utilize Social Media to build your brand?

    When I first started selling my macarons, I would offer three different flavors each week and would promote them every day. On Friday I would have a delivery schedule after I left the office to drop off all of the orders. This worked until my account grew to the point where I could no longer meet the demand, and I had to rethink my strategy. I began offering pop-up shops to local stores and boutiques as a way of having clients come to me instead of having to deliver. This has become hugely popular with the local shops because of the increased traffic. I have to say I have some very dedicated fans out there!

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    You're a pro at digital marketing. Describe your process for curating ideas, shooting content and scheduling posts on Social Media.

    Since I still work full-time as a graphic designer, I usually try to shoot the majority of my posts on the weekends if at all possible. If my weekend plans don't workout, it is a frantically styled shoot during my lunch hour. I have a very distinct look for my brand, so everything that I style and create is designed to be cohesive and support the overall brand image that I have built. I sell luxury confections, so I always look for ways to create that sense of high-end style.

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    Branding and visual storytelling are important to us, and you've nailed that part of your business. How do you feel about branding yourself and your business?

    My style is very true to me and my personality. I like clean, bright, pastel and minimalism, so that is how I have chosen to brand myself. I am also slightly messy in the kitchen, so my flat lay photos tend to reflect that sense of chaos. Creating a brand image is so important to any business's success in today's competitive marketplace, and I feel like if the branding is something that reflects you and your personality it allows customers and clients to get an understanding of who you are.


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