How to Balance Your Content Over the Holidays as a Brand

    September 14 2018

    Summer is coming to an end, which means that if you haven't started planning out your holiday content, it's time to get started! Thankfully, here at PLANOLY, we're all about helping you plan your content and stay ahead of the game. Read on for a few of our tips and highlights on how to create content that keeps your audience engaged and intrigued without overdoing it.

    Creating Stories Through Sponsored Content

    The average social media user is exposed to so much content every time they log in. You can't expect your brand to break through the noise with organic posts alone, especially during the holidays. Whether your purpose is to grow your audience, create loyal social media followers or favorable actions from highly targeted audiences; combining paid, and organic tactics for social media and SEO will get results. Adding in paid content that follows your brand guidelines will help, but a key factor in selling through your sponsored content is giving people an experience and a story. People aren't buying the products you create, they are buying the stories you tell and experiences you give them. Create content that tells a story – whether it is the story of your brand, customers, or products, and see your metrics rise.

    "Create content that tells a story."
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    Influencers Are Your Brands BFF

    Using influencers to promote your product is a great investment year round, but especially during the holidays. It allows you to leave more room for organic content on your feed, while they take on the role of promoting your brand and/or product to their audiences. Influencers are pro's at staying ahead and are planning earlier and earlier every season. Reach out early to guarantee your chances of working with those that best fit your brand! Share content that your audience has already created for you. Your tagged photos are likely a hidden gold mine within your Instagram. Using user-generated content will not only free up time used to produce organic content but will also encourage your community to tag your brand and post about your products. Free press amirite! Glossier does a great way of using user-generated content and has built excitement for their community around posting about the brand.

    Organic Content Is Free A/B Testing

    A huge benefit of organic social content that many brands might not realize is that it's the perfect testing ground for your paid advertising. Before you pour money into your paid content, try testing different versions of organic posts and use the results you receive to determine which content to add spend against. Don't forget that asking for feedback from your audience is a great way to give them what they want. Utilize IG stories polls, ask questions in your captions, and allow them to be apart of the process. Once again, people want an experience, let them be a part of it from the beginning.
    In short, you need both organic and paid content to help drive sales during the holidays. Thankfully you can utilize both PLANOLY and to help you stay on top of scheduling out your organic posts and creating campaigns for influencers. Happy Holidays!

    "You need both organic and paid content to help drive sales during the holidays."
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