How the HøF Sisters Manage a Blog and Online Store

    July 14 2017

    Beautiful, smart, chic fashionistas -- the Hof Sisters -- are taking their International style to great new heights. No pun intended. Meet Hannah and Zoe, 6ft tall sisters who created a following from their fashion sense for tall individuals, which has evolved into a lifestyle blog that now includes a pretty cool online Sneaker Shop! Hannah and Zoe saw a niche for this after having experienced the lack of clothes and styles for their own tall figures. They simply created a solution to their own problem, and are now an inspiration to many people. Check out what influences their style, and how they have managed to create a successful business while having fun doing it together!

    Hi Hannah & Zoe! Please tell us about yourselves, your blog, and how you got into fashion.

    Hannah: Early last year, I decided to take a break from Finance, and Zoe, who had given up a career in publishing when she had her second child, was keen to get involved in a new project. So we started writing short stories - mostly for our own entertainment - about the trials and tribulations of being tall, how we overcame the inevitable sartorial challenges that came with that, and where we loved to shop. Rather unexpectedly, we quickly gained traction and realized we formed a nice balance of creative and business minds. I don't think either of us imagined we would end up making a living from fashion, but we're loving it and the business is always evolving. We recently started selling some super cool sneakers from our website, which are going down a storm!

    "I don't think either of us imagined we would end up making a living from fashion, but we're loving it and the business is always evolving."
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    Your blog is meant to help tall girls navigate fashion and find clothes that fit them well. What are your top tips for tall girls and what are your favorite style hacks?

    Zoe: The reality is that most of the high street brands create clothes to fit 80% of the population - if you're over 5ft9, the inseam and sleeves are cut too short, dress waists are too high, and shoes too small. There are tricks for getting around some of these problems! Clothes pretty much always look better with the sleeves rolled up and hems cuffed so don't worry if they don't hit the floor --cuff 'em! Also, there are tons of oversized styles on the high street, which work beautifully on a tall frame so seek them out. Create a long and lean silhouette by matching oversized with slim-fitting or belting loose clothing at your waist. In addition, we regularly encourage our readers to consider some of our favourite under-the-radar Scandinavian, Dutch and unisex brands, which tend to be more generous in length.

    Your style is amazing! How would you describe each of your individual styles and where do you gain fashion inspiration?

    Zoe: With a Danish mother, we have both been heavily inspired by Scandinavian style in general, and fashion, in particular. We love minimal, timeless, high quality clothes and are avid followers of Danish bloggers like Pernille Teisbaek. However, we also love nothing more than a good festival so a portion of our wardrobes are more carefree --pops of colour, a few tassels, and a bit of fancy dress! Hannah: As a 30-something single girl living in London, my lifestyle is work/party orientated and my wardrobe reflects that. While it contains much of elegant basics from a decade working in the City, there's also a gold catsuit, fishnet stockings and lots of neon. This probably reflects my attitude to life - mostly very hardworking interspersed with some serious letting down of hair! Zoe: I am a mother of 2 boys (tweens!) and just venturing into my 40's - an age I love for bringing increased confidence in myself and my fashion style. My day-to-day wardrobe is practical; perfect for the school run and everyday family chores. However, I also relish the opportunities for getting dressed up and enjoying a fun day (or night!) out. The most hardworking items in my wardrobe are my Love Pink P448 high tops, which we stock in our online shop, and my faithful Goldsign skinny jeans; the most treasured is an emerald green DVF lace dress.
    How the HøFSisters Manage a Blog, Store, and Marketing - PLANOLY Blog 3

    You live in London, which has some amazing fashion. How would you say that London style differs from fashion elsewhere?

    Hannah: Call us biased, but we reckon we live in the most fashionable city in the world. Individuality prevails in London, however, depending on where you go, there can be general stylistic themes. From Boho chic in the East to girl-next-door in the South to yummy mummy vibes in the West, London incubates great sartorial variety. London is also home to some of the world's greatest, and our favorite, fashion designers - Stella McCartney, Joseph and Temperley - and loads of exciting, emerging talent like Molly Goddard and Milli Millu.

    Working together as sisters must be such a blast. What advice do you have for working with a family member or someone you're close to? Do you run into any problems or is it smooth sailing?

    Zoe: The best thing about HøFSisters is getting to work together everyday. Having someone you love to share the elation of success and burden of failure has made the journey far smoother and more enjoyable. Although it's not always plain sailing. After a decade working in the City, Han was fairly corporate in her mindset at first, and often tricky to work with! However, we quickly realized that you can't run a creative start up as a financial institution and have now adopted a more dynamic and flexible mindset. Our main advice would be to understand each other's strengths and be honest with each other all the time about what you are able to achieve. That way you will never be disappointed.

    How the HøFSisters Manage a Blog, Store, and Marketing - PLANOLY Blog 6
    How the HøFSisters Manage a Blog, Store, and Marketing - PLANOLY Blog 4

    Tell us about an average workday in your life. How do you manage your workload and stay organized? What are your top three tips to plan, curate and market your content?

    Hannah: I did a decade in the City and never did I work harder or longer hours than now with HøFSisters (and for far less money!). Our roles include: stylist, author, editor, photographer, content curator, technology wizard, SEO geek, graphic designer, marketer, retailer, business developer, social media guru, growth hacker, delivery & returns master, and fake tanner extraordinaire. Our typical workday revolves around these things, but the priority is to always create high quality, engaging content. Everything else gets done when the content is spot on. Top 3 tips for planning, curating and marketing content:

    1. Be ruthless - only use your best photography.
    2. Always change it up - you can use a few photos from the same shoot on Instagram but make sure they show different things and aren't posted back to back.
    3. Planoly completely revolutionized our Instagram content curation - it allowed us to organize our content a whole week in advance, freeing up our time for other important things like planning upcoming shoots, writing and engaging with our followers.

    "The priority is to always create high quality, engaging content."
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    What has been your career highlight (proudest moment) and what can we look forward to from @hofsisters?

    Launching our online shop and selling our first pair of shoes was pretty exciting! After a year of working hard to push out engaging content and building a relationship with our followers, we were finally able to offer them a totally unique and exciting brand directly. We're always on the hunt for under-the-radar brands to add to the shop so make sure you're signed up for the newsletter to keep in the loop! We're also working on a number of collaborations and videos... So lots in the pipeline! Browse the HøFSisters shop here.


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