How Helene Is Living the Dream as a Travel Blogger

    July 21 2017

    If 'dream job' were to be listed in the dictionary, travel blogger would be written next to it. Helene Sula is living the dream as a travel and lifestyle blogger in Heidelberg, Germany. We were able to snag a bit of her time to hear about her adventures and what a day in Helene's life looks like. It's not all glamor and glitz, but Helene has truly mastered the art of travel.

    Hi, Helene. Please introduce yourself! Tell us the story or meaning behind your blog name "Helene in Between."

    I've been writing for as long as I can remember, and I've always kept a diary, but I didn't start Helene in Between until after my injury. In September of 2012, I was dropped 20 feet rock climbing and broke my ankle and leg. At the time, I was working full time in social media and marketing. Because of the fall, I had six months off of work and threw myself into a blog. Helene in Between was born, and I fell in love with blogging. I held jobs throughout the past six years in digital advertising, marketing, and social media; this helped me turn my blog into a full-time income. The name Helene in Between has lots of different meanings, but the main one is that I often feel I'm in an "in between" stage. I'm married, with no kids, trying to figure out my life. I want to move abroad, but I'm also a homebody. I usually find myself in between. It also kind of rhymes with "Helene," so the name stuck.

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    Why did you and your husband decide to pack up your life in Nashville and move to Germany? Why did you choose Heidelberg?

    I grew up in Dallas, Texas. After many trips to Europe, my husband Michael and I decided we had to move abroad to truly experience it. Since I'd never been any farther than 10 miles from my parent's house, we picked Nashville as the stepping stone before the big move abroad. We loved our time in Nashville, and it gave us the time to figure out where to go overseas. Because I work full time as a blogger, we knew we could be location independent. We wanted to move somewhere centrally located - so we could get to other parts of Europe easily, somewhat English speaking, a good system for the visa process, and a healthy economy. Germany was hands down the winner. The best part was that there was no quarantine for the dogs. We picked Heidelberg because it's a quintessential European town, an hour from the international airport, Frankfurt, and absolutely beautiful. We love seeing the sandstone castle every day we walk out our door.

    Walk us through a day in your life. How do you juggle your blog, social media and staying organized?

    The very first thing I do each morning is to grab a diet coke (I am not a coffee person) and check a travel deal site. I love finding cheap flights or hotels and just jetting off! It's so fun to find a good deal. Next, I check emails, write blog posts, work on my courses that I offer to bloggers, and plan out my Instagram feed. I diligently spend time on Instagram every day, since it's my most important and profitable social media channel. Juggling all of it is hard. There is so much to see and do but also so much to write and organize as a business owner. I love being able to plan out my Instagram feed. I think this saves me hours a week! I also use social scheduling tools in every aspect of my blog - they are game changers!

    We love that you have a free Instagram course! Tell us more about that and what inspired you to create it.

    I wanted a way to help others realize that their Instagram didn't need to fit in a box. There are so many "rules" on social media, and I fell victim to that myself. I felt that I had to have my pictures look a certain way. I remembered traveling to Cambodia and worried that my photos there wouldn't fit the "white aesthetic" I had. Now I post pictures of my travel and life, and I have more engagement and followers than ever before. I find the key ingredient is in the connection, and I created the course to help others find their stride on Instagram.
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