How to Use Your Pinterest Insights to Guide Your Marketing Strategy

    October 11 2019

    When it comes to developing your Pinterest marketing strategy, keep your followers and customers top of mind.

    Pinterest provides valuable information on trends and demographics through its Audience Insights tool for business profiles. When it comes to understanding your insights, there are a few important things to look for when you're dissecting follower trends. Let's dive into the top categories. The Total Audience View provides is an overview of your audience's interests, design interests, age, gender, location, and device type.

    Understanding the Categories

    1. Categories & Interests: This section will show the most popular categories and related interests for this audience. For example, it can range between anything from design, quotes, and art to gardening, event planning, and parenting.Pro Tip: Don't forget affinities. Affinity indicates how much this audience is interested in a particular topic compared to the rest of the Pinterest audience.
    2. Design Interest: The design interest section will show you the type of design interests that this particular audience has. It can range from web and app design and book and magazine design, to packaging and label design, and business and advertising design.
    3. Age & Gender: This section will show you the age and gender distribution that's specific to this audience.
    4. Location: The location section will show the top locations for this audience. It will range from Top Metros to Top Countries.
    5. Device: The device section will show the devices used by this specific audience. Here you can see if they're using their iPhone, iPad, or web to view your website!

    How to Make the Most of these Insights for Marketing Strategy

    1. Categories & Interests:Being able to view your audience's most popular categories and related interests is the best way to see what type of content they're gravitating towards the most. Is the majority of your audience into design and fashion, or are the percentages higher for home decor and food and drinks? Seeing the percentages for each will help you structure your holiday content in a way that's more geared towards your audience. You need to meet your audience where they are during the holiday season.
    2. Design Interest: Understanding your audience's design interests is similar to the above. You'll be able to gain insight into the types of design elements that they enjoy, and you can then implement this into your content strategy during the holidays. i.e., colorful templates, interactive videos, creative blog posts...the possibilities are endless!
    3. Age & Gender: These insights are great when it comes to honing in on your target audience and discovering their likes and dislikes along with better understanding who they are. It can aid in the production of your holiday content when you're planning certain campaigns, working a new product launch, and so on.
    4. Location: Your audience's location can play a huge factor in the type of content that you're creating. For example, if most of your audience is in Los Angeles, seasonal fall and winter holiday content may not be relevant. Your marketing efforts would make more impact through general content: giveaways, gift guides, or spotlighting local events.
    5. Device: Is your audience using their iPhone more than the web to scroll your website? Strategically integrating iPhone content in the form of attention-grabbing holiday in-feed posts, seasonal IGTV videos, and more is a great way to reach your audience more effectively during the season. You always want to think of your audience first when creating content and simplify it to meet their needs.

    PLANOLY Pro Tip: Having aBusiness Account on Pinterest also unlocks additional analytics when viewing your metrics on ourPin Planner web dashboard. It's free to create one! Let your audience insights steer you in the right direction with your content planning and marketing strategy this season.

    Happy Holiday Planning!


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