Golde is Making Wellness Inclusive One Instagram Post at a Time

    August 21 2020

    When it comes to Instagram, what is most important to Golde? 

    Instagram is our strongest social channel by far, so we really lean into it as the pulse of the brand and our community. Seeing what we're being tagged in, and what conversations people are having in our comments section impacts our broader strategy for the company as a whole.

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    Our platform is about making the lives easier for social media users and organizes their content. How do you strategize your feed and stories? 

    We really try to pay attention to the content our community loves, and overwhelmingly it's the stuff that feels natural and organic that performs well. Our IG feed is mostly UGC, and we grab a lot of it from stories because it's got the most relaxed vibe. The more approachable the content, the better.

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    How far out do you plan your posts? Is your schedule pretty set in stone or does it move around a lot? 

    I currently manage the posts myself, which means that I never have as much time for planning as I'd like. Real talk, I think it's been a week since we posted anything. That's not ideal, but it's honest! We're a tiny team and that authenticity is what people really love about Golde's social presence. 

    I love to use PLANOLY to plug-in content that I like, but I usually don't finalize anything until the day of. I've got all my content in there and ready to go, but it's typically not until the day of or day before that I'm finalizing it.


    Golde takes topical skincare and ingestibles very seriously. How do you implement that information onto your Instagram, while creating engaging content? 

    With our category, there's a lot of education involved. Our products are new to people, and they require a little bit of DIY magic to come to life, whether that's whipping up a killer matcha latte or mixing up the perfect consistency for your face mask. People love to get that information in a way that feels fun and easy. Video content is ideal. It's important to keep stuff short and sweet because no one wants to be overwhelmed with every nutrition fact.

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    How do you communicate the quality of your ingredients? 

    We have such an engaged community that loves to share their favorite products, which is really the best way to communicate quality. When you hear from someone that they can't live without a product or that it's the best tasting matcha they've ever had, you understand the quality story without being inundated with information.

    You as a founder, are a great asset to the brand. How do you include yourself in the storytelling? 

    It's a careful balance because I also have to actually run the company — so, at times, it's tricky to unpack the value of recording a cute IGTV vs. revamping our financial model! But it's important to find a way to do both. 

    It's really natural to include myself in the brand story because everything about this brand has been built from myself and my partner, Issey. I love to speak to how we've grown the business and what's coming next. 

    You utilize a lot of UGC. How do you decide what to post on your grid versus Instastory? 

    Stories are mostly reposting cute content that we get tagged in. It's a fun way to show everyone's daily routine. We do take a lot of that content and share it over to the feed later, though. I don't think you have to do only one or the other; you can absolutely cross-post.

    What are your best social photography or editing tips for beauty bloggers and brands? 

    Make it look natural and easy! We love to do big, fun photoshoots, but overall on social, what performs best is cozy iPhone photos that look effortless. I recommend having 2 or 3 spots in your house that are "photo ready" — a cute corner in your kitchen, etc. That way, whenever the moment strikes, you can pop over there and get a photo without having to rearrange your entire setup.

    What are the biggest challenges for Golde's Instagram? 

    Definitely bandwidth! As the community has grown, it's gotten really challenging for me to balance keeping up with Instagram and everything else on my plate as CEO. We're starting to grow the team so we can have more support there, which is really exciting.

    What is your average engagement and how did you initially grow on Instagram? 

    Right now, we're at about 80K followers, and our engagement rate is 4.3%. I'm pretty psyched about that because it's held very steady since our following exploded from around 25K earlier this month! 

    Growing our account, in the beginning, was very slow and steady. It took us a year or two to grow our following to 10K. Once we found our community niche and started to lean into UGC, we started to see the growth pick up.

    Instagram: @golde

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