How to Get Started on Monetizing Your Holiday Content Now

    August 26 2018

    While it is still summer (hello 100 degrees), now is the perfect time for influencers to start planning and putting together holiday-related content. And believe it or not, fall is right around the corner! Starbucks is already selling PSL's at the end of August, so it's safe to say that we're all more than ready for fall. Read on to find out our tips and tricks for holiday planning and monetizing your holiday content now!

    Start Early

    You might think people don't want to start seeing holiday content just yet (which may be true), but there's nothing wrong with getting the conversation going. Start hinting at it through your captions, and reiterate to your audience that holiday shopping only gets more expensive and stressful the later you wait.

    Create Gift Guides

    A great way to start monetizing your holiday content is by creating shoppable gift guides. Gift guides are a fabulous way to encourage your followers to start shopping early and give them some inspiration on what to buy. Create several different categories so that your followers can find something for everyone on their list!

    "Now is the perfect time for influencers to start planning and putting together holiday-related content."
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    Link Everything

    Affiliate links are a great way for you to generate passive income through your content while tracking how much money you're making. It's also a good way to see what items people are clicking on the most, so you know what to add more or less of in your future content. We suggest adding a shoppable link to your Instagram bio, that way you can easily link everything and direct your followers to shop that link. Find out more about our affiliate network,, where you can tag your content with our catalog of millions of products, generate product links, and embed your own shoppable link on your website and Instagram bio! Aside from creating a shoppable link on Instagram, you should also be adding shoppable links to your blog, YouTube channel, and any other social media platforms you frequently post to. For your blog, always add affiliate links within your blog posts for your readers to easily click through and shop. Make it a habit to frequently check the links to make sure that products aren't sold out, and replace the link with similar products when items do sell out. When posting content to YouTube, add shoppable links in the caption for your subscribers to purchase the items or looks you've created.

    Instagram Stories & IGTV

    Utilize Instagram Stories to promote your blog posts and share behind-the-scenes content. IG Stories is a great way to connect with your followers as well - ask them what type of holiday content they're interested in seeing, and create it based off of that! Add a swipe up link to your new blog posts or include shoppable links within your Instagram Stories. IGTV is a newer feature, but another useful way to share creative content with your followers. It's perfect for influencers who don't have a YouTube presence but are interested in creating videos. A few suggestions for holiday-focused IGTV content would be a holiday party outfit try-on, Thanksgiving recipes, Christmas cocktails, Halloween costume ideas, gift guide haul, gift-wrapping tutorial, or a breakdown of any of your holiday-themed blog posts! The content topics/ideas are endless, so get creative and make sure it's the type of content your audience would love to see.

    "Utilize Instagram Stories to promote your blog posts and share behind-the-scenes content."
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    Holiday Highlights

    Instagram Highlights are an amazing way to monetize evergreen content by allowing your Instagram Stories to have a longer life-span and still drive traffic back to your content/links. Create a few highlights dedicated to your holiday content, so that your followers can easily access everything. Section it off for your holiday content, and create highlights for gift guides, holiday outfits, blog posts, travel, and anything else you want to share. Remember to remind your followers that they can find certain links/content in your Highlights when posting on your grid as this is a great way to redirect your followers as well. (Note: if you have the swipe up feature and attached your links to your Stories, even better! If you don't, make sure to add a custom link shortener like to the caption/text or graphics on your Stories so your followers can look it up).

    Take Advantage of Sales

    There are so many amazing sales throughout the holidays, so you should plan on creating content around a few that you're particularly excited about. The holidays are such an expensive time, so people always appreciate saving money! Plan on creating content for Black Friday and Cyber Monday as well, since those are some of the biggest shopping days of the year. Be on the lookout for other sales going on throughout the holidays to alert your followers and keep them in the know! We hope you found these tips to be helpful for monetizing your content before and during the holidays. Be careful not to make your posts too salesy, and always sprinkle in organic content throughout your social media channels. People want to follow a person...not a commercial. However, helpful and creative holiday content will go a long way - you know your audience best, and you know what they'll be interested in. Merry planning!

    "Helpful and creative holiday content will go a long way."
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