From Banking to Blogging with The Ambitionista

    January 05 2018

    Heidi Nazarudin is the founder of The Ambitionista, owner of Marque Media digital agency, and co-founder of The Boss Box! Her blog is for business-focused women, where she writes about style, travel, business, and more. We chatted with Heidi about marketing yourself on Instagram, chasing dreams, and standing out on social media. Read on to find out how she juggles all of her roles and obligations in true bossbabe fashion while looking fabulous, of course!

    Hi Heidi. Please tell us about yourself!

    I am an ex-investment banker turned digital influencer. I now also own a digital agency @Marque.Media managing more than 50 companies' social media accounts and growing.

    How do you come up with new blog content?

    We have an editorial calendar around five core topics of leadership, productivity in business, lifestyle, fashion and beauty. Based on that, my team and I brainstorm on content each month that will resonate with our readers.
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    Aside from blogging, tell us more about @thebossboxofficial.

    Honestly, it was my co-founders' idea, and I was approached to oversee the branding and marketing arm. However, I believed in The Boss Box so much that I became an equity partner. It is essentially a subscription box with a curated box of products and services for women business owners. Our hashtag is #toolstothrive, and everything we do is based on that idea - "how does this product or service inspire, help or educate a woman entrepreneur?"

    How would you describe your Instagram aesthetic and what do you think are the most important factors when it comes to marketing yourself on Instagram?

    It starts with the look and feel. For @TheAmbitionista we have a loose color palette of pink, black and white along with very 'cool tones'. It's very important to have a color palette, so the grid looks pleasing. After that, we arrange the visuals and content around this vision. PLANOLY is essential in this sense because my team and I can move things around seamlessly for a clean, curated vibe. In fact, when we onboard a new social media client for Marque Media, one of the first things we tell them to do is download PLANOLY. It's a lifesaver!

    What are your top tips for up and coming #bossbabes who are chasing their dreams?

    I recommend that you set up 5-10 big long-term goals, then break down those goals into mid-term and short-term action items. For example, "building the biggest digital agency in LA is a five-year goal," but "emailing 50 potential clients per month and closing two new clients per month" is a short-term goal that you need to do to achieve that long-term goal. I encourage you to be realistic and proactive, but excited about your future. It is not fun if you don't enjoy it.

    The digital world is filled with so many talented individuals. How do you stand out from the rest and how should you utilize social media to grow your brand?

    I think the best way to stand out is to be self-aware of what your weaknesses and strengths are and then, amplify or use those strengths to minimize those weaknesses. I believe in staying true to being myself. Own those weaknesses and work at turning them into strengths. I also feel that the best way to stand out is to #humblebrag by allowing others to do it for you. When a client says anything great about us - we publish it on social media. In a way, a client referral is social proof, and it's better than any other form of advertising. Lastly, treat social media as a platform to connect, entertain and educate - not just to sell. If you treat your followers with respect and really engage with them genuinely, everything else will fall into place.

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