PLANOLY Frequently Asked Questions: What You Need to Know

    March 30 2021

    PLANOLY Frequently Asked Questions: What You Need to Know

    March 30 2021  |  Tutorials , Best Practices , PLANOLY


    We want to make sure that everyone using PLANOLY knows their way around our tools and has access to helpful information should an issue arise. Here are the answers to frequently asked questions from our incredible support team.

    You can also search for answers to all your questions at our Help Desk.

    Why Aren't My Carousels or Stories Auto-Posting to Instagram?

    Although PLANOLY is an official Instagram partner, the company still sets certain limitations on what we can and cannot do. Among those current limitations are auto-posting Carousels and Stories posts. Unfortunately, we have no control over this issue at the time. But if and when Instagram lifts those restrictions, we'll be the first to offer that feature!For now, you can auto-post single images and videos, tag users/locations, and first comments. To learn more about planning Carousel posts and Stories, visit our help desk.

    Why Is My Instagram Account Not Linking to PLANOLY?

    There are multiple reasons why this issue could occur. As a general rule of thumb, you can combat any linking issues by following the steps below on your web browser:

    1. Log into your PLANOLY Web Dashboard (
    2. Log into your account (EMAIL@ADDRESS.COM)
    3. Go to your Profile Page, and scroll down to Managed Social Profiles
    4. Click on Link Profile
    5. Link via the Personal Profile option. Then, log in with Instagram Profile to link the account (@USERNAMEHANDLE).

    Also, if you prefer not to link your Instagram to your PLANOLY account, you can do so too! Learn more here.

    How Do I Schedule a Split Image?

    Easily split and arrange the images on your Instagram grid by using our Splitter Tool. It’s a great way of announcing how you showcase upcoming partnerships, collaborations, big company announcements, or exciting product launches. The Splitter Tool makes it easy to split images uploaded to PLANOLY from your phone. You have the option of splitting an image into two, three, four, six or nine separate tiles.

    When scheduling an image grid, it's important to schedule them at least 1-2 minutes apart in order. If you don't space out the times, Instagram won't be able to decipher the order of the images scheduled. In turn, they won't post in the proper order. Here's everything you need to know to use our Splitter Tool on the PLANOLY mobile app.

    Why Isn't My Content Posting to Facebook?

    Only auto-posted Instagram content is eligible to be directly posted to a linked Facebook Business Page. You'll also need to enable auto-post to Facebook on your profile page. Instagram also detects if certain apps or tools are added to a user's profile. Facebook whitelists select apps that could prohibit content from said apps or tools. Examples are specific 'link in bio' apps. Here's more on auto-posting your Instagram content to Facebook.

    How Can I Setup a Custom Subscription?

    We offer custom plans and users have the option to upgrade at any time! Custom plans start with the DUO option (2 Social Profiles/2 Users/Unlimited Uploads). The Custom plan starts at $15 billed annually or $19 month-to-month. Each additional IG account or team member added is an additional $10/monthly to your plan.

    How Do I Get to the Hashtag Manager?

    There are two ways to access our Hashtag Manager. First, you can use the app dash screen and tap on the # icon between History and Comments. Secondly, you can maneuver through the Schedule View Screen which shows the # icon below your image/video. Here's everything you need to know about accessing, enabling, and utilizing PLANOLY's Hashtag Manager. 

    Why Isn't My Content Auto-Posting?

    This may be due to one of three reasons.

    1. You haven't enabled auto-post Follow these steps to do so:
      • Open the PLANOLY App on your mobile device.
      • Tap on the More Options icon (3 dots, bottom right)
      • Tap on the Enable Auto-Post banner.
      • Log in with the Facebook account that manages the linked FB Page.
      • Repeat the steps above for each Instagram account to enable auto-post.
    2. Facebook has expired your authorization token. You'll need to re-authenticate your account.
    3. Your post doesn't meet the auto-post restrictions set by Instagram. If this is the issue, you'll get a red error message when scheduling viewable just under the scheduled time and date. You can check if your images are set to auto-post by locating the white paper airplane in the top left corner of the image's thumbnail when looking at your grid.

      More on Auto-Posting

      Auto-Post to Facebook: If you don’t currently share to your Facebook page, this is an effortless way to get more exposure to your Instagram profile and content on Facebook. One important factor to remember with this feature is that it’s only accessible for Paid PLANOLY Users. If you’re currently on the free plan and are interested in trying out the Auto Post to Facebook feature, now might be a good time to upgrade your plan! More on Auto-Posting Instagram Content to Facebook

      Auto-Post to Twitter: PLANOLY’s share to Twitter feature helps you save time when sharing Instagram content to Twitter by enabling you to share to Twitter directly from your PLANOLY account! It essentially works just like our ‘share to Facebook’ feature, but now with the addition of the Twitter Toggle for a simple and seamless content flow.
    For more, here's our step-by-step guide on enabling and scheduling to auto-post on PLANOLY mobile or web.


    We hope our frequently asked questions recap helps with any concerns you've had regarding PLANOLY products and services. If you have additional questions not mentioned here, hit us up! You can also search for more commonly asked questions via our Help Desk. We're always happy to field any user issues!


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