Free Instagram Stories Templates

    November 06 2017

    Visualizing your work is a key aspect when it comes to success, especially for Instagram. That's why we decided to create customizable templates to make all of your Instagram Stories planning even easier! Download our free templates to help you plan out your content in advance. The templates are Photoshop files that you can customize with your own images and choice of colors, text, and font to fit your brand. We created four different kinds of templates in this first edition for bloggers (stay tuned for our special edition for small business owners). No matter what your field or industry is, these templates will help and inspire you when it comes to creating new content for your Instagram Stories!

    Blogger Templates

    • New Blog Post: Promote new blog posts
    • New Recipe: Promote your latest recipe
    • Favorite Things: Highlight your current favorite things
    • #OOTD: Promote your look of the day

    PRO TIP: Link each story to your blog post if you have the "swipe up" feature Free Instagram Stories Templates 1


    To replace the stock images with your original images:

    • Double-click on the stock images
    • A new file will pop up > add your image to this file
    • Then SAVE
      • Go to file to "SAVE" and your image will be automatically saved over the stock photo on the template file
      • OR hold down to "command + S"

    It helps to gain inspiration by having some direction, so we hope these templates will assist with all of your planning needs! Steady content is essential, especially with the holidays coming up! Download our free blogger templates to ensure that your content is on point. Happy creating and planning!


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