Spring 2020 Floral Trends Bloom in New StoriesEdit Collection

    April 30 2020

    How to Use the Spring Collections

    Whether you’re a brand, influencer, or agency, you’re sure to find the right template to include within your storytelling strategy in these two collections. We always love seeing how you take our templates and make them your own, but if you need a little guidance along the way, we’re dropping a few examples for you below! 

    If You’re a Plant Lover

    Share what you’re up to at home, how you’re arranging freshly picked up blooms, ways you’re getting creative while staying indoors, or how you’re creating magic in your back garden. Share all the floral trends your heart desires!

    If You’re Sharing a New Blog Post

    Elevate your latest blog post incorporating the post title into the Floral templates. They’ll help make your spring content pop. 

    Share an Upcoming Event

    Do you have an event or an upcoming announcement that you’d like to showcase? Let your audience know about spring weekend sales that are coming up through one of our new templates.  

    Share What Inspires You

    If you’re like us, and you’ve found yourself perusing through Pinterest lately, use our Bloom templates to show your followers what’s currently inspiring you. 

    PLANOLY-Blog-Post-SE-Spring-Collection-Florals-and-Blooms-Image-2Those are just a few ways that you can get creative with our latest Floral and Bloom Collections on StoriesEdit. We hope you enjoy using our two newest spring template collections, and can’t wait to see how you integrate them within your upcoming! Don’t forget to tag @storiesedit on Instagram for a chance to be shared on our StoriesEdit account. We love to see what you’re creating! 

    Download the StoriesEdit App today to get started! 
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