Five Easy Ways To Drive Traffic & Sales From Instagram

    January 12 2018  |  Inspiration , Best Practices


    For many content creators, Instagram is a blank canvas to showcase some of their best photographs that they've shot and curated, and sometimes, it's made for a few memes that are bound to give you a good chuckle when needed. However, when your business as a content creator and curator depends on the amount of traffic and clicks that you generate from your site, it is important to ensure that you're doing the proper call to actions to let your audience know that they can shop and visit right from your Instagram feed. With PLANOLY, not only can you plan out your content ahead of time, but by also being a affiliate, the possibilities are endless in how you can direct more traffic your site and monetize your content.

    1. Create monthly lookbooks to showcase some of the favorite looks you've created and their inspirations.

    When creating content for your site or your blog, make sure that you're always giving value to your audience rather than just photos that you've shot. Rather than only creating looks per post, feel free to mix it up a little and create collections of looks based on a theme within a post to give your readers a variety to draw inspiration from. Remember that the more links you use within your post, the more likely your affiliate links will draw clicks that will later result in commissions for you, so don't limit yourself to the content that you can provide your followers if it continues to perform well.
    Five Easy Ways To Drive Traffic & Sales From Instagram - PLANOLY Blog - LookbookSource: @somethingnavy

    2. Create gift guides for holidays, birthday, and occasions where someone might need to draw inspiration to get a gift from.

    The holidays might have just wrapped up, but there are always holidays that keep everyone on the lookout for what they should get their friends and loved ones. (May we remind you that Valentine's Day is just around the corner?) Take advantage of the need for people to find gifts for the person who has everything, the person who is picky, the person who only shops from minimalist stores, and many others who are just so hard to find gifts for. The more you curate shoppable gift guides on your blog, the more your readers will trust your input and come back to you when they need gift inspiration, and if you're adding your affiliate links in those guides, the more commission you'll be getting.
    Five Easy Ways To Drive Traffic & Sales From Instagram - PLANOLY Blog - Gift GuideSource: @planoly

    "Catch up on the features that Instagram is giving you to drive back traffic to your website."

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    3. Use call to actions with shoppable links to redirect traffic back to your site or other platforms.

    You know you're using shoppable links in your Instagram feed, but does your audience know? Make sure you're using call-to-actions at the end of your posts and also in your Instagram stories to let your readers and followers know that they can shop from right within your feed! Haven't been making the most out of the 'swipe up' option on your stories? Catch up on the features that Instagram is giving you to bring back traffic to your website or blog and try to have a call to action to each of your posts. Your audience isn't going to bite if they don't know what's in front of them. Another bonus is that not only can you link to products from your ShopLink feed on your Instagram bio, but you also redirect your audience to certain blog posts when clicking on a specific post. Avoid changing the link in your bio all the time, and just make the most of out of your shoppable STLK link on your Instagram.
    Five Easy Ways To Drive Traffic & Sales From Instagram - PLANOLY Blog - StoriesSource: @grasiemercedes

    4. Make the most out of your evergreen content and regularly share it when appropriate.

    Just because the post from last year that was about "how to clean your closet in the new year" was written in 2017, doesn't mean it can't apply to 2018. Look at your content, especially the best-performing ones, and see if they are still relevant beyond their publishing date. Do you have days when you're not publishing new content? Feel free to link to the old blog post in your shoppable feed, and make sure to repurpose it within your Instagram stories with different imagery or videos from that blog post such as detail shots. If you've grown your audience in a year, you can bet that those new followers have not seen your old post and will probably find it useful as well.

    5. Make sure to integrate a ShopLink gallery into your blog or website.

    Based on your traffic, a percentage of your readers will visit and head straight to your home page rather than referrals from other social media. When they are on your homepage, you have to ensure that you're grabbing their attention on that page to ensure they click through other pages and don't drop off immediately. Give even more value to your home page and make sure that you're showcasing your affiliate links and maximizing your ability to monetize your blog. Embed your ShopLink gallery into your site, so there's always a way for your readers to shop right from your site even when they're just on your home page. One way you can integrate your ShopLink gallery is by dedicating a page to it at the top of your navigation for readers to easily access. The second way you can integrate your ShopLink gallery is by embedding the gallery on the sidebar of your website or blog, or at the footer of your page.
    Five Easy Ways To Drive Traffic & Sales From Instagram - PLANOLY Blog - EmbedSource: @meethaha With these few tips, you're sure to drive more traffic to your blog or website and maximize your use of affiliate links on your site as well as your Instagram feed. There is no strict one way to use affiliate links by simply sticking to your shoppable feed - make sure to think outside the box and utilize your links by paying attention to where your audience is prone to react to them more, and you will see your channels and commissions grow.

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