5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Sign On For a Paid Campaign

    November 18 2019

    Despite changes to Instagram, the art of influencing is here to say. For both influencers and brands, a paid campaign and/or partnership is one of the best ways to introduce new products while also reaching larger audiences.If you're an influencer who's just accepted a new paid campaign, there are a few steps to take before you sign and accept the contract. Have you thoroughly read through the deliverables and pay? We're going to answer all of those questions plus more throughout today's blog post!To boost brand awareness and product purchasing, more and more brands are leaning towards influencer marketing when it comes to spreading the word about their products. Their goal is to find influencers that authentically align with their content so that those influencers can organically share the benefits of the brand's products with their audience. Small to medium business (SMBs) owners are shifting the way they approach marketing. They're integrating more social media advertising (in the form of paid campaigns) throughout their marketing strategy.

    "As organic reach on social networks continues to fall, paid social media advertising should be on the top of your mind. As a result, businesses of all sizes are changing their social media strategies to include paid media. Paying for social media allows you to amplify reach, enhance targeting, and drive greater results." - MediumJust as brands are strategizing, influencers should consider how the campaign falls in line with their brand too. All paid partnerships and collaborations should continue to align with the influencer's content, maintaining the integrity of the overall brand. It's okay to say no to a campaign if it's not the right fit for you and your brand. There are five questions to ask yourself before you sign-on for your first paid campaign and how to navigate through it.


    Does this align with my values?

    To recap: the most important thing to consider before signing onto a campaign is to make sure it aligns with your content and your brand as well. Partnerships should be an extension of both brands' values to remain authentic and genuine to the audiences.

    Have I read through and noted the deliverables?

    To fully understand the scope of work for the campaign, you must always be thorough whenever reading through the deliverables. Do you know how many social assets the brand is requiring of you? Are you clear about the objectives of the campaign? Do you know which products to feature, and have you read through the copy and photo requirements? How does this campaign affect existing or future campaigns? Knowing these will ensure a successful campaign.

    Did I Highlight Important Dates?

    A few key dates to note while you're combing through your campaign contract are:

      • Product Purchase Dates: if the brand requires for you to purchase the product
      • Draft Due Dates: when the brand plans to have you submit copy for review
      • Deliverable Publish Dates: when your content needs to go live
      • Payment Dates: when you can expect compensation after meeting all deliverables

    Am I being compensated fairly?

    Be thorough whenever you're reviewing the compensation for a paid campaign. Is it meeting your requirements for sponsored content, and does it align with your usual pay structure? Pro Tip: don't be afraid to negotiate with the brand if not! This is also a great time to consider what key details or asks you want to make as well. For example, in what capacity can the brand reshare your content? What additional asks can you prepare for the brand to use your content for their own paid social strategy? Ask it all! At the end of the day, you know what you're worth better than anyone else.

    Did I grab a cup of coffee and read through the fine print?

    This one takes some mental juice. Always, always read through your campaign contract before signing off on anything. Understanding the guidelines and terms for the campaign will help you have a clear picture of what's required.Pro Tip: Give more than what the brand asks of you. - In any partnership or collaboration, it's always great to go above and beyond for the brands that you love. This will ensure a highly successful and smooth campaign and will set you apart with the brand when it comes to future partnership opportunities.

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